Alphabeast Plush Toys Review

So when I first found out I was going to receive these guys, I got online to show my son them.  Boy did he think they were the coolest ever!!  My son absolutely loved being able to interact with the monsters online.  It helped the whole learning process of course much easier.  Which we have been working on our alphabet and more specifically spelling his name.  He was able to play, learn AND get excited about these new toys that would be coming.  The interaction online was great for letter association. 

Then, I received the package in the mail and actually thought it was something else since they came soooo quickly.  Dane was running around saying, "Its my monsters! Its my monsters!".  I had started explaining to him that it would be a bit before we got them but, to my surprise, it indeed was 2 perfect Alphabeasts.  We received the letters "D" and "P" for Dane Patrick.  Dane quickly hugged them up and was eager to show them off to Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa.  In fact we had to rush over to my parents house so they could see.  I already have tons of pictures with Dane and these guys since he won't put them down. 

Alphabeasts are made from a soft plush material which makes them great for kids of all ages.  Although these guys are new the material seems durable and should last for a long time even between my two boys.  My 11 month old likes to snuggle with these as well.  There are no loose pieces that I need to be concerned with and these guys are easily wiped clean if they get chewed on by the baby!  Dane has been taking them everywhere, playing games with them, and loves to sleep with each of them.  Since they are so soft and cuddly, I am completely comfortable when Dane takes both to bed.

Alphabeast come in all 26 alphabet letters and they also have a new product - Baby Books, coming in a couple weeks.  The beasts cost $20 each and are worth every penny.  I will definitely be looking into purchasing some of these as Christmas presents.

*I received products from Alphabeasts for direct review.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for this review other than the products I received and Alphabeasts did not change or write any of this review.

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