TruMoo Milk Review

     When we first switched Dane from breast milk to cows milk, he flat out refused for quite a period
of time.  We had to struggle to find a good source of calcium and other vitamins.  It was a daily fight so
when we knew we would have to start weaning Declan off the breast milk, we better prepare ourselves
for this fight.  Thankfully having the knowledge this time, we still had the time to transition through
formula for a month or two.  A lot of you I'm sure will disagree with this choice but in this time we
would squirt a very small amount of chocolate syrup into the formula about 50% of the time.  Thus
making our transition to (chocolate) cows milk virtually unnoticeable.  We were very easily able to switch to any flavor milk without Declan noticing a difference. We have since then fallen in love
with TruMoo.  This is now our families drink of choice.

     Funny story (slightly inappropriate), as we were stopped in a parking lot one day on our yearly
drive to Atlanta.  I began breastfeeding Declan and Dane (who has gotten so used to TruMoo now)
asked the most hilarious yet logical question ever. 

Dane, "Mommy, your feeding Declan right?"
Me, "Yes, Dane."
Dane, "There's milk in your boobies right?"
Me, "Yes, Dane."
Dane, "Well is there white milk in one and chocolate in the other?" HaHaHa.
Me, "No hunny God doesn't give us that option for babies."
Dane, "Why not?  We can have both so why not Declan?"
Best question and reasoning ever!! 

     TruMoo is amazingly creamy and smooth without an over powering sweetness!  It is the only brand of chocolate milk I will buy for my children.  I know they are getting the right vitamins without the bad calories.  You can find TruMoo in just about any grocery retailer for a reasonable price as well which is important with dairy prices on the rise.  Your family will love it!

Here is a coupon for your milk purchase too!
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Twitter: @TruMooMilk

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