The Home Farmer Review and St. Patty's After Party Blog Hop

        Because in Michigan we don't get much of a summer, I usually start my seeds early in the year so they are ready to be transferred outside early spring.  This next review couldn't have come at a better time than now for my pre-planting month!

        Had you asked me a couple years ago what kind of seeds I used or where I got my plants I would have said the dollar store or honestly had no clue there was a different between the types of seeds people used.  Now I laugh at myself from back then because I now know you can waste even a dollar buying a garbage seed or waste all your time and efforts planting a poor quality seed.  Searching online I recently discovered The Home Farmer.

        "Founded in 2012, on the central coast of California, Home Farmer began when two friends came together with the idea of bringing high quality vegetable seed to the home garden market. With farming roots going back to the 1800s on the central coast of California, they wanted to offer the same superior seed that large commercial organic growers were using to the home farmer."

        I love this thought process!  I'm no pro of course but I do make quite an awesome garden each year so feeling like somewhat of an expert home gardener, I want to know exactly what my plant goes through from start to finish.  What kind of water is used, the quality of soil, type of fertilizers - organic or non organic, and every factor than was contributed to the end result - the fruit or vegetables I feed my family.

        The Home Farmer sent me over one of each of their variety pack of seeds (except the pumpkin one sadly) to use this year which I am pumped to see how they all turn out.  Unfortunately I took too long getting mine set up so I don't have any sprouted plants to show you yet in my pictures.  I love though that they have thought about us little guys who don't want to depend on all the commercialized companies!  Not only can you find all sorts of seeds for your specific needs but you can also find recipes, growing zone tips and how to's for great growing!

Cost/Available to purchase:  Home Farmer Seed Kits retail for around $5.97 each at most stores  Starter Kits or Store Locator (sold in Walmart's near me)
Recommendation:  Not only did each packet come full of seeds, you could actually tell a quality difference between these and say the dried out blackened crap seeds you'd find at a dollar store.  The costs are very low everywhere I found to purchase these kits yourself.  I would totally recommend giving these a try if you are a home gardener!
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Giveaway:  Home Farmer is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a signature line of Home Garden Seed Kits of their own!
Look for this to begin on 3/20/13 as part of the "St. Patty's After Party" Blog Hop!
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  1. my hubby and son use their garden as bonding time and a competition to see who can grow the most things

  2. Love the egg sprouter idea. The herb kit looks like it would be fun.
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