Shock Absorber Active D+ Flexi Wire Review and #Giveaway

Shock Absorber
        I have always had so much trouble finding anything from swim suits to lingerie in my size.  I have a very large (natural) breast size and am not quite a plus size every where else (although I am an athletic build).  Sports bras are usually a waste of fabric in my case as I usually have to wear at least three to give me the support I need to work out.  Its honestly an ongoing joke on Sundays during my softballs as to how many bras I am wearing each game!  I run like crap since I have no support and it honestly just plain hurts like hell!

Dorfman Pacific Hat Review

        Being that I spend the summer days on the beach and sitting by the pool, it seemed only reasonable to have a sun hat.  I was looking into picking up a sun hat at my local favorite store when I was given an opportunity to receive a darling sunhat for free in exchange for a review from Dorfman Pacific.  I received a hat from the Scala collection, which I absolutely love.


Man-Pack Review and #Giveaway

        Too often I find there is a lack in reviews on products geared towards men.  My husband is a an active participant in my reviewing process and I like providing a wide variety of products for ALL of my readers.  So when Man-Pack recently contacted me and asked for some help getting the word out there about their bags since they currently have a campaign going on right now.  The creator and owner Aaron Tweedie, quickly shipped me over one for review!

Maui Jim Banzai Sunglasses Review and #Giveaway

        It's really funny and he may kill me for this but Kevin is very particular about his accessories.  I am usually one of those people who does just fine with the cheap stuff and I usually try to force that on Kevin in order to save money.  He gets really annoyed by this though because you honestly get what you pay for in most things.  Sunglasses are usually one of the areas you really don't want to skimp on.

Zaycon Foods Fresh Meat and Produce

How does Zaycon Foods manage to provide such high quality super fresh meat and produce to its customers at such low prices? The answer is strength in numbers. And not our numbers, yours!


Power Rangers Super Samurai: Secret of the Red Ranger – Volume 4 DVD Review

        For some crazy reason the boys have always loved the TV show "The Power Rangers".  I'd like to say I understand because I used to watch it as a child but I am kind of embarrassed I even just shared that tidbit with you!  Now watching it with them I think that the writers definitely were doing some kind of drugs while creating some of the bad guys in this!

ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern Review and #Giveaway

ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent
        I love entertaining as you can obviously tell.  But depending on the time of year, this can prove to be a pain in the butt (or arm, or neck, or legs).  Bugs can literally be a pain and can put such a damper in your party.  We have always made it appoint to keep a ton of citronella candles on hand for the nights we are out by the pool or trying to have a campfire.


Lugz Berkely Shoes Review and #Giveaway

        Even after all this time blogging I still very rarely get to review an item that my husband gets really excited about.  Although he does of course enjoy most of the products, very few are specifically for him.  Last year Lugz shoe company asked me to review their Striders.  Thankfully they agreed to send me another pair to review this Summer.

All Clear Mister SideKick Review and #Giveaway

        So being that my family spends basically the entire summer, spring and many fall days/nights outdoors, we have fallen victim to the mosquito’s.  We've tried the spray’s and the other products on the market, but honestly none have worked.  So when I heard about the Terminix AllClear SideKick Mosquito Repeller, I thought this would be the perfect thing for us to try.

Del Sol Color Changing Gear Review and #Giveaway

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Del Sol
        I love traveling and we've all seen the Del Sol products being sold while on vacation. These are the shirts that color when in the sun.  I know growing up I was always fascinated by these shirts, bags, flip flops, etc.  I never had the money to purchase them as frequently as I would have liked as a youngin and my parents were always very picky about what they would buy us.


Swim, Sun, & Fun #Giveaway #M.O.O.N. Event Over 1k in Prizes

A Ladybug on the Go
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Summer is one of those exciting times of year no matter where you live or how old you are!  This giveaway  is about celebrating the season in every way.  Prizes include outdoor games, pool/beach gear, vacation essentials, outdoor sporting goods and More.......

Bella Beachwear Swim Suit Review and #Giveaway

Brazilian Bikini, Thong Bikini, Scrunch bikini, Micro Bikini
        Since I have lost a lot of weight recently due to the pending divorce I am going through and knowing I would be at the pool and the lake all summer long, I knew I was in need of a new bathing suit.  Being a mother of two small girls I needed a suit that was not only cute to attract a possible new man but also be functional enough to handle my children and their needs.  I was stoked to have the opportunity to work with Bella Beachwear for the coming  "Swim, Sun and Fun" giveaway event.  They sent me out a bathing suit in exchange for a review.  I was sent the Cacaui Brazilian Bikini Bottom and Marmelada Halter Top in chocolate for in exchange for a review.

Pumponator Review and #Giveaway - Grenador and Blastonator

        I have always heard crazy stories about my Dad's childhood and how bad they were as kids having egg wars outside people's homes or snowball fights near businesses.  But now having my own boys I understand something I never did before.  Boys are a whole different level of craziness and energy!!  Its just a natural thing for boys to competitive and aggressive at times.


Bonzi Golf Links and Aces Review and #Giveaway

        Not only is golf one of the guys day out sports for the men in my family but it is a way of life for them as well.  I swear my soon to be brother in law would die if someone took golf away from him.  The guys are always spending their nights together playing golf on the Xbox Kinect.  This was they can still play the sport they love without being on an actual golf course. Review and #Giveaway

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        Alright since I was little I've always had a thing for water.  From the second our pool was open in the spring to the minute it closed for the season, I loved to swim.  I was even on a rec swim team in the winter month's to keep up with it.  They says it's one of the best forms of exercise you can get which is why I was always such a buff athletic girl.  At one point and time I could even bench press my own weight which I was quite proud of (lol).


Thumbs Up Wine App - Villa Alena Moscato D'asti Review

Fine Wines, two thumbs at a time!
        This past week we decided to have a lil mini get together as a few of us girls were feeling a little stressed with either our work loads or the kids all being home over finally for the Summer.  It just so happens, I was also recently contacted by an old contact to reconnect and start working together on some reviews.  Not only was I sent over Villa Alena Moscato D'asti to review but a chance to check out a new app.  So of course what better time to sample it?!


Xlear Sinus Care Neti Review

        Towards the end of last year I discovered an awesome company with a range of products that can help out you and your family in an extremely natural way.   Xlear, founded by Dr. Alonzo H. Jones in June of 2000, manufactures all-natural and health enhancing products.  They are "recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of xylitol products."  I was recently given the amazing news that I chosen as one of the Lucky Xlear Blog Ambassadors!  As I explained previously this meant I would be able to bring you first hand news about the amazing products they offer, so here is the first of hopefully many!


Swim Ways Review and #Giveaway - Shark Sea Squirts Swim Assist, Spring Float Hibiscus Graphic Prints, and Spring Float Recliner Duet

        As most of our followers know we spend the Summers at the "office" aka Randi's pool.  Randi and I work outside on the table with our laptops while the kids play in the pool.  This works amazing most of the time to get work done, however we can tend to get distracted by the kids often if they get "bored", so when Swim Ways agreed to send us an amazing swim package to review we were ecstatic.  We were sent a Shark Sea Squirts Swim Assist, a Spring Float Hibiscus Graphic Prints, and a Spring Float Recliner Duet. 

Lucky Leaf Summer Fun Review, Recipes and #Giveaway

        By now you should all know about my love affair with Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings!  I have had so many wonderful opportunities working with this amazing company over the past year.  I can truly tell you this is a family owned and operated company that takes every bit of care of their products from seedlings/orchards to the factory to the grocery store and your home.

Wednesday Tailgate Size Board Set Review and #Giveaway

        Throughout the summer we love spending any excuse we have outdoors which includes a lot of swimming, grilling, drinking, and games.  A classic lawn game for us has always been corn hole/bag toss and will continue to be a group favorite for years to come.  When we tailgate for any type of event, we will usually find someone who has a set and borrow it to take on the road as entertainment.  We've even discussed making our own sets as a family until we discovered the wonderful

Bejeweled Frenzy Review and #Giveaway

        So I love the Hasbro company and all the games that they make which I have grown up with and still play with my children.  They have teamed up with PopCap this time to give us Bejeweled Frenzy.  If you have a computer or a smartphone I'm sure you have been addicted to matching those jewels and advancing to the next level at one time or another.  Hasbro sent me over a copy of Bejeweled Frenzy to review with my friends and children!

Toy Splash Inflatable Pool Boat House Review and #Giveaway

        There are very few children I have come across which do not like the water.  It could be just the people I have surrounded myself with but for the most part everyone seems to love being in the pool.  Even the ones who are scared initially usually warm up to the idea pretty quickly and especially in our home since we are a house full of swimmers and lifeguards.


Outdoor Adventure Lawn Yard Games 3-Hole Outdoor Disc Golf Course Review and #Giveaway

        Because we entertain so frequently and love to be outdoors, we are always looking for new lawn games to play.  One of the issues we come up with frequently is finding something that both the big kids "aka adults" and the little kids can both enjoy.  Even if the kids aren't trying to join in with the grown ups, we still like to have enjoyable options for them as well!


BabyGanicsCover Up Baby Pure Mineral Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion 30+SPF Review and #Giveaway

        Now, if you know me at all my skin tone is only one of three colors throughout the year - white, whiter than Edward (from Twilight), and flaming red.  Never in my life have I been tan even when I was most active as child/preteen.  Wearing sunscreen or dealing with severe sunburns come as second nature to me.  But when I married Kevin, who is just as pale as me and tans a shade lighter pink, little did I realize I would have to worry about what kind of skin the kids we produced had.

Reading Kingdom Children's App Review

         Being that my four year old is out of school for the summer, I want her to continue to learn and stay on top of all the things she learned in school this year.  Also having a teaching background I love using the internet to help her find new websites that are both fun and help her to learn.  I have tried all the learning websites I've come across and was excited to get an opportunity to try out Reading Kingdom for her.


Oz The Great and Powerful DVD Review

        Now we are obviously a family full of movie buff's, but there are just some movies we can barely contain ourselves in excited when they are released!  Two days ago, on June 11th, one of those movies became available on Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)!  Oz The Great and Powerful was a must have and watch for my family!  Kevin and I were actually pretty jealous as Alana had been to see the movie at theaters earlier in the year with her boyfriend. Clarisse Short Baby Doll Dress Review

       There are a few things that I look at as an adult and realize how much I have changed as I've matured and different things are for the generations below me.  Growing up I was a total tomboy but when it came to the high school dances, I was anything but.  I attended over 20 dances in the four years I was there since my high school sweetheart attended another school in the district.


Sprout Cups Baby Food Storage System Review

        Both of my boys are chubbies and have been since birth (I'm not complaining, I love every bit of it!)  They have both been in the 90 percentile and above for sizes.  Their eating styles have reflected this from very young, both starting on baby food before six months and regular foods by six or seven months old (of course because it was recommended by my pediatrician).


Quit It Pet Trainer Spray Review and #Giveaway

        I have two cats that for the most part are good cats, but they do have a few bad habits that I would love to get them to stop doing.  Unfortunately when I spray them with water, they drink the water as I am spraying them in the face (funny but doesn't stop the behavior).   I hate that my boy cat likes to hang out on my counters which I don’t find very sanitary.  Because I had previously worked with a partner company, I was pleasantly surprised to find Quit It Pet Trainer in my mail a few weeks ago!  Since they asked for me to give this a review, I thought why not give it try?  What could it hurt?!

Skin Tight® Body Firming Lotion Review

     Somehow it has been an odd coincidence that my two friends and writers as well as myself all have sensitive skin.  So you can imagine my hesitation in wanting to review certain beauty products.  I want to bring each of you different products even if they are not something I would particularly use.  (I know there are very few like me out there, haha!)

Seresto Flea and Tick Prevention Collar Review

        When you are a pet owner you have tons of things to worry about just as you do with having children.  The similarities are almost ridiculous between having one or the other.  You need to puppy proof your home to help prevent additional accidents or injuries as you would for a new crawling baby.  You also need to worry about health as a responsible pet owner.  Taking your pets to the vet for a regular check up and vaccines is very important.

Chili's Free FlatBread #Giveaway

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Grub Hub USA Camp Kitchen (A.L.L. Review)
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Wiener Dog Nationals on DVD Review

       So this next movie I wasn't super excited to see myself and my expectations weren't set really high because of the last few movie reviews I've done for Inception Media.  Most of the acting has been sub par and story lines kind of cheesy.  However, On July 2, 2013, Inception Media Group will release Wiener Dog Nationals on DVD which more than exceeded my expectations.


Relax & Refresh #M.O.O.N. #Giveaway Event

A Lucky Ladybug

This is one of those feel good giveaways just about anyone can appreciate winning.  Most of these items can be used in any home for any individual OR would make a great gift to someone you know that needs a little bit of R+R!!!

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Prizes Include:
$100 GC to
12" Butt Bench
Libre Tea Original
Conscious Teas Sampler
Barefoot Yoga
The Call of a Vampire
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Elegant Portions
$230 in prizes
Giveaway Begins 6/10/2013 and will run through 6/25/2013 Good Luck!!
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America's Toothfairy Crest Pro-Health Stages Monsters, Inc Toothpastes and Toothbrushes Review and #Giveaway

        My kids favorite thing to do is to brush their teeth.  Being that dental hygiene is very important I am ecstatic about this.  However we do go through several toothbrushes and toothpaste in my house and finding toothpaste that my children actually like the taste of is a huge challenge.  When America's Tooth Fairy sent me Crest Pro-Health Stages Monsters, Inc toothpastes and toothbrushes for my kids to use we were excited as a family.  Since they are big fans of Monsters Inc they were excited to brush their teeth as soon as we opened the package.

Haven: A Stranger Magic Book Review

        So it's no secret that I love to read and enjoy doing so quite frequently.  Since I received my tablet I have read more books in the last 5 months than when I was in college and had assigned reading for all my reading classes combined (as an English major that's quite a lot).  When I was given the opportunity to review the book, "Haven a Stranger Magic" by D.C. Akers I was really excited.

WhoopTee Review Custom T-Shirts and #M.O.O.N. #Giveaway


        I am sure if you've been online anytime in the last decade, you've probably heard of or at least seen some of the crazy T-shirt sayings with knock off versions of TV shows and more.  T-shirts have quickly become walking billboards for people and brands to advertise especially if they can come up with something catchy and creative!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers Book Review and #Giveaway

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Chicken Soup for the Soul
        You know being a writer has its ups and downs.  I love being able to have the freedom to make my own schedule and be home with my children as they grow up each day.  I love not having a boss or someone to tell me what time to work or what to do all the time.  But there are still a lot of negatives to what we do.  I still have deadlines and need to be a self motivator in order to make those deadlines.  I am responsible for knowing and learning all laws and policies wherever I decide to show off my work and believe me that means in a ton of areas.

Teton Sports Giveaway Event

Cuddle up Outdoors Button

ARV $199
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Libre Tea Poly Tea Original Review (reposted) and #Giveaway

Libre tea glasses... loose leaf tea to go
        I have always been one of those occasional tea drinkers.  I definitely always enjoyed a hot glass with some honey when I would feel sick in the evenings.   Then when I first moved down south I realized tea was great to have in other ways and for other reasons.  My aunt who I used to be very close with would frequent Teavana for different varieties of loose leaf tea.


Barefoot Yoga Silk Eye Pillow Review (reposted) and #Giveaway

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barefoot yoga co.
     I've never really been too into Yoga as an exercise or relaxation technique but my best friend always has.  It almost seems as if it is a lifestyle.  Lately yoga includes not only exercise and self relaxation but a "green friendly" lifestyle implementing organics into almost everything used.  I've always been a pilates girl but I recently decided to give it a try since it IS more than just an exercise.

Elegant Portions Wine-Trax Glasses Review and #Giveaway

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Elegant Portions
        There are a few things you should know about me by now - I am a green free living chick, I am a socialite and love drinking with my girls especially, and I desperately want to lose weight and get into better shape for more reasons than I can count.  But if you look at the this short list, sometimes these things can be difficult to do all at once.  With a lack of funds some "green" products can be unattainable; being a socialite/party planner makes it difficult to stop the social eating and drinking; and when trying to lose weight drinking alcohol never helps.

Butt Bench Review (reposted) and #Giveaway

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Butt Bench | The All in One Bathtub Seat
Now, I know I'm not alone in saying that shower time is one of those times you try to get the most out of 5 to 10 minutes as you possibly can.  If you are a woman the you will completely understand it when I say I feel like a gymnast in the shower.  Trying to shave your legs can sometimes be an insane task depending on the type and size shower you have.  And you can forget about trying to shave with your children in the shower with you!