Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets DVD #Giveaway

Giveaway:  Lionsgate is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets on DVD of their own!  To read the full review please visit Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets Review.

Lionsgate March 3rd Release Roundup Review and #Giveaway

        I was extremely excited when I was asked to review the two newest movies from Lionsgate - LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers and Lalaloopsy: Festival of Sugary Sweets.  Both will be released on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand on March 3rd, 2015.  Not only have my children always been huge fans of the LeapFrog toys and learning resources but they are huge into the Lalaloopsy gang too!

LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers DVD #Giveaway

Giveaway:  Lionsgate is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers on DVD of their own!  To read the full review please visit LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers Review.
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Lady Soma Somaluxe Argan Oil Review

Lady Soma
        Growing up I hated having naturally curly hair.  My family (yes family) would actually "bahhh" at me like a sheep and make fun of me.  It was absolutely terrible! Once I discovered flat iron straighteners, I had to have one and for the most part have straightened my hair every day since.  I only now as an adult have started doing my hair curly again here and there.

Julius Jr. Pirates and Superheroes DVD Review and #Giveaway

        I was extremely excited when I was asked to review the new Julius Jr. Pirates and Superheroes.  Not only did the boys love the last Julius Jr. DVD they watched but this one focused on some of the boys favorite things.  Lionsgate Home Entertainment released Julius Jr. Pirates and Superheroes to DVD (plus Digital) on February 24th, 2015. This collection includes six episodes based on characters from the world of Paul Frank.


The Lakeside Collection Review and #Giveaway

        Long before I became a blogger, I discovered a brand which I absolutely loved to buy from.  I can pick out over a dozen items in my home that I still use today (purchased at least a decade ago) from the company Lakeside Collection.  When I became a blogger, this was one of those brands I just had to work with as I knew the quality and selection they had available to the everyday individual.  I truly believed in the brand before I made a career out of judging brands and products.

Geek Fuel Monthly Subscription Box Review and #Giveaway

        My husband is a hardcore gamer.  So much that he has turned both my boys into little gamers as well.  It used to drive me crazy, but I've quickly come around to the idea of it and all the benefits it actually has on the boys.  That being said, everyone in my family loves when we discover anything new and game related!  In an online search for something completely different, I discovered a brand called Geek Fuel.

Zoey to the Max DVD Review and #Giveaway

        On March 24th, 2015, Cinedigm released Zoey to the Max on DVD and Digital HD! Being a huge fan of Amy Smart, this right away grabbed my attention.  I figured it would be something cute both the kids and I could watch since most of the movies we review are children's cartoons!  I've been dying for something I could enjoy along with them.


Never Hungover Review

        Now it's no secret that myself and my family is a big group of party'ers.  We honestly take every chance we have to get together with friends and family for drinks, games, and socializing of any sort.  Some could even say a little too frequently (haha) . Life is too short in my eyes to not spend it with those you care about doing the things you enjoy.

How Can Muay Thai Training in Thailand Help Women?

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Muay Thai – an ancient martial art that has its origins in the countryside of Thailand when people had to learn all sort of fighting techniques in order to survive and protect themselves. Today Muay Thai or Thai boxing as Westerners call it, is an internationally recognized sport with its own rules that makes this sport different from any other although it is quite close to some other combat sports and martial arts. In addition, some elements of this sport were introduced in various MMA programs.

Solar Panel Cleaning: Why Hiring a Professional is Important

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Many more people in Brisbane are installing solar panels. That’s not surprising. Solar panels are economical and reduce reliance on other energy sources but without regular cleaning, solar panels become inefficient and cause problems in the future.


Ozeri OZMF2 Deluxe Stainless Steel Milk Frother Review

        I won't mention the name of the restaurant that I was a Training General Manager at but I had to be quite savvy in the beverage department.  I prepared gourmet coffee beverages, italian sodas, and dessert beverages daily.  After leaving this company I still have the taste for the same drinks (without of course the cost and expensive machinery).  I don't want to have to go to Starbucks or the Coffee Beanery everyday to get a yummy snack.


Power Theory® Credit Card Sized Portable Charger Review

        Right now my life seems to depend on my phone and I am frequently (or always) using it for work.  Because of this, my phones battery always seem to take a beating.  My family is constantly complaining about me not answering calls or text because the phone is dead.  When I'm on the go with the kids, it seems like one of them constantly needs to be on my phone playing games to keep busy while of course draining more life from my battery as well.

My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders DVD Review and #Giveaway

        Personally, I always love reviewing the latest in the My Little Pony series.  Not only because it is somewhat of a classic from my childhood but because of the valuable lessons it teaches children. My Little Pony always has lessons about friendship, overcoming challenges, and the importance of working together.  On February 24th, 2015, Shout Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, will release the most recent to DVD, My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders! This collection will include five episodes and a sing-along as well as coloring sheets for the kiddos.

Prepare Early for the Summer British Soccer Camps

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Although the boys have never had an interest in soccer, I am thinking this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the sport!  I can bet since the camps are all around North America, you could easily find one in your area.


A Cry for Parents of Today's Teens

Parents of all teens, I am begging for help.  Or more importantly I am begging the parents of the teens my teen knows and associates themselves with.  While my career involves social media to the extreme, I also understand the effects it can have on an individual and the toll it has taken on today's youth.  I don't want to ask but beg that we start better teaching our children about the negative side of technology.  All the positive aspects of the growing intelligence are masking what technology and social media are actually doing to us as human beings.


Clarence: Mystery Piñata DVD Review and #Giveaway

        On February 10th, 2015 The Cartoon Network released Clarence: Mystery Piñata on Blu-ray™ and DVD.  This unique and a bit odd show includes tons of bonus features including the original pilot episode as well as being packaged with a whopping 12 episodes.  Being that we had recently seen a preview for this, the boys were pumped to watch the Mystery Piñata episode especially!

Whole-Food Women's Multivitamin and the Whole-Food Men's Multivitamin Review

        I have to be completely honest, when I was first asked by Nutrigold to review two of their products, I didn't know much about them as a brand and I've always been pretty terrible about taking vitamins myself.  My mother actually just game me one of those lectures this year about getting old and needing to take better care of myself.


5 HTP Natural Mood Support Review (Update)

Since this arrived the first time, my daughter has fallen in love with the effects the 5-HTP has for her.  Because she deals with severe anxiety, we decided she needed something to help her feel more relaxed and calm.  However, I did not like the idea of putting her on prescription meds and she wasn't too thrilled either.  I did my research and of course after seeing this help Tiffany, I knew it was a more natural solution.  Each day Alana takes 2 capsules and if she happens to forget she can tell a complete difference.  She says these help her to relax during stressful school times, improve her overall mood, and while she can fall asleep easily at night, she has not felt drowsy once from taking these.  I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone dealing with stress or anxiety who might want a more natural form of relief!

Have Some Goods Nut Milk Bag Review and #Giveaway

        A couple weeks ago Kevin and I started looking at some new ideas to help our family financially.  This all started when we were looking for homes and really got a little excited about some farm land we discovered.  It motivated us to save money in creative ways like utilizing my surroundings and become even more eco-friendly than I already was.  One of the first things that of course popped into my head was making my own ANYTHING!


The Rootlets: Super Rootabilities Book Review and #Giveaway

        Being that March is National Nutrition Month AND that I am an avid gardener (hoping to become farmer soon), I knew this would be a good time to start reinforcing good eating habits for my family.  My first priority in the last five years has been making these changes for my children first and foremost.  I am always trying to turn each activity together into a teaching point and of course every meal we have only the important food groups.


Purex® PowerShot Detergent Review

        I've told you all of my long time love for Purex products and my loyalty to the brand above all others. But I haven't shared my actually experiences with learning how to do laundry as well as teaching my teenage daughter before now.  Everyone has to learn at some time how to do it and even if they don't choose to do laundry on their own, I can promise it is something you want to know the basics of.  Otherwise, you can truly mess up the cloths you've spent money on as well as the machines you either bought or are using.  It can also be a very wasteful mistake if you aren't sure what you are doing.

Power Down, Little Robot and Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish Bedtime Book Reviews

Macmillan Childrens Publishing Group
        Originally when my boys were younger, I could barely get them to sit still long enough to make through a whole children's book let alone one page.  Now that Dane is learning to read in school and learning how much he enjoys doing so, it has become a wonderful night time trend for us as a family.  This time spent reading is also good for a calm down period before we get into bed.  It gives Declan the chance to learn while Dane practices his reading, and we love just listening.

Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love DVD Review

        Where do I start with Madea? I have watched all of the Madea movies and can say that I've laughed my a$$ off watching every single one of them!  Tyler Perry has absolutely made me a dedicated fan of Madea's.  So when I was asked to watch Tyler Perry's Madea's Tough Love, I was ecstatic!  Released to DVD (plus Digital) and On Demand January 20th, 2015, I loved that this was going to be animated!  It's hilarious waiting to see what kind of trouble Madea is going to get into this time around.  Not only is this a comedy, but in my opinion the movies can also be life lessons in some way!

Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution Review and #Giveaway

        When my kids get sick, I tend to feel helpless.  I try to make them as comfortable as I can.  However, because all three of my children are completely different when it comes to taking medicines and even getting sick, I have to treat them each differently when they do get sick.  Unfortunately, my children have inherited my terrible immune system and allergies.  So when I was given the opportunity to review Kids Relief Allergy Oral Solution, I was definitely on board.

Horse Camp DVD #Giveaway

Available on DVD and VOD: February 24, 2015
Director: Joel Paul Reisig
Writer: Joel Paul Reisig
Cast: Dean Cain (ABC’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”), Jordan Trovillion (Jack Reacher)
Synopsis: Kathy dreams of spending the summer at Black River Horse Camp for girls. But after a rodeo accident left her dad with a serious leg injury, her parents have forbidden her from saddling up. Eventually their concern for Kathy’s social well-being outweighs these fears, and she soon heads to horse camp. Once there she meets the camp’s resident mean girl Stacy, as well as kindhearted Lisa. Kathy is a natural in the saddle. As she competes to dethrone Stacy as Camp Princess, Kathy learns to recognize the true value of real friendship.

Running Time: 107 minutes
Rated: PG
Format: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 16x9
Audio Format: DD 5.1
SRP: $20.99
UPC #: 796019829052
Catalog #: 82905

Giveaway:  Arc Entertainment is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a copy of Horse Camp on DVD to have of their own!

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Transformers Rescue Bots – Jurassic Adventure DVD Review and #Giveaway

        Our whole family is obsessed with Transformers as you already know. So I jump at any chance I get to review anything that has to do with Transformers!   I was psyched to hear we would have the opportunity to review the newest Transformers Rescue Bots DVD as it also included a dinosaur theme/story!  On February 10th, 2015, Shout Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, will release Transformers: Rescue Bots – Jurassic Adventure on DVD!  The boys have tons of transformer toys of all sizes and are constantly watching the shows while playing with them at the same time.  This DVD includes five episodes for the kids to watch!

Slugterra Slug Fu Showdown DVD Review and #Giveaway

        On February 10th, 2015, Shout Factory Kids, in collaboration with Nerd Corps Entertainment, released Slugterra: Slug Fu Showdown on DVD!  I knew we had to have this one and before it even arrived, I had to let the boys know it was coming!!  Not only are they huge fans but our entire family overall loves the show. Since it was scheduled to arrive  on their sister’s birthday, they were actually able to count down the days.  This DVD even features an extra Slugisode.


Ignite Your Senses #Giveaway @MOON_Blogs Event

Prizes focus on the five senses (Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, and Hearing)!!!
Hosted by:
Make Our Own Network
A Lucky Ladybug + Java John Z's

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Monica's Rants, Raves, and Reviews, Budget Earth, and A Ladybug on the Go.

Welcome to the Ignite Your Senses Giveaway!!  I have to thank each and every wonderful sponsor who helped truly make this giveaway event possible!

Please be patient with our bloggers websites and load times since this is such a large event.  The forms may take a little extra time AND it may seem like this one has a little extra work to enter.  Even though each of the packages have their own giveaway form, you will find that most of the entries are identical.  This way if you like/follow a page in one you will already have it done for the next!

#Listerine 21-Day Challenge

        Everyone knows we have certain things we need to do as we get older to keep ourselves healthy.  This includes caring for not only our teeth but our general oral care.  In this type of economy, people sometimes tend to put off and frequently neglect this area of their health.  What a lot of people don't realize is that the rest of your bodies health is directly linked to your oral health.  I know this personally.

Peach Skin Sheets Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor

       I have to start off this review by saying there is such a huge difference in the way the generations over time think about products that could be considered necessities as well as the way they make purchases.  When discussing bedding the other day with my Mother, she was complaining about the cost of purchasing a new sheet set.  The timing happened to be similar for both of us as we had been searching out new sheets for both our beds and for different reasons.

Microbiome Plus+ GI - Ultimate Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement Review and #Giveaway

        With 2015's beginning, all the diet programs I have been trying, and all the bad things that have happened over 2014, I decided I needed to start the New Year fresh!  However, this doesn't mean I set a resolution as I just feel like so many people fail because they put that all or nothing pressure on themselves.

Stinky Candles Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Sponsor
Stinky Candle Co.
        Being that I’ve always had pets throughout my life, I’ve always been big on burning candles.  Not only do I love the smells, but I love the ambiance and how relaxed they make me feel.  I’ve tried just about every candle brand and smell I’ve come across as I am slightly obsessed it seems.  Well, that was until I discovered quite the unique brand of candle, Stinky Candles.  Never in my life had I thought of purchasing a candle that smelled bad. I mean really who would?!

Tarzan DVD Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor
        As a kid Alana use to love the Disney version of Tarzan!  So of course she was just as excited if not more than the boys to find out I was going to have the opportunity to review the new Tarzan® from Lionsgate.  Arriving on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) February 10th, 2015, Tarzan is "re-imagined" for today's youth using CGI-animation.  Knowing all three of my children would enjoy this one, we readily waited for it to arrive.

A Mouse Tale DVD Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor
        Because Alana use to watch Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove  in the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh when she was younger, I figured she might be interested in watching this next cartoon with her brothers.  Arriving on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) February 10th, 2015, A Mouse Tale will star voices of both popular young actors in the new Lionsgate film.  There will even be music by Brandon and Savannah Hudson from America’s Got Talent.


Mrs. Renfro's Cheese + Salsa Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor

        My favorite part of cooking and entertaining is the challenge of exciting my own and others taste senses.  I am also the type of foodie that if someone challenges me to try something they claim to be too hot to stomach, I WANT IT.  I've given myself asthma attacks trying different hot sauces and peppers.  So obviously, I am a spicy food person and I wanted to give the newest products from Mrs. Renfro's Foods a try.

        I've worked with them in the past and my entire family loved the products.  Mrs. Renfro's carries a variety salsas and several other blends such as cheese dips, relishes, and jalapenos.  I knew right away which ones I would choose and I was graciously sent over my selection of Black Bean Salsa, Ghost Pepper Salsa, and Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce, and Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts + Keratin Hair Volumizer Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor

        A while back, I discovered a brand which I have grown to love through blogging.  Neocell started in 1998, is now "Today, the #1 collagen brand in the world and a leader in the field of nutritional science."  When I first heard the mention of 'collagen' it made me think of botox injections and all those vane celebrities trying to look younger and more beautiful.  But that changed when I started researching and reviewing the products from NeoCell.

BedVoyage Duvet Cover Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor
       Before blogging and over the course of the last couple years I have tried to transition my family into a much greener world.  I know first hand how harmful some of the every day chemicals we use in our homes can be and how they can affect our families health.  Bedding has been an are which I have wanted to update since really getting into the green movement.

Naked me Tea Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor
        As I was checking out a few other blogs a few weeks ago, trying to get some new dieting ideas, I discovered Naked Me Tea.  With it still being the New Year, I have still been trying to stick with my commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. One of the ways I love do this is with a detox and cleanse.  After discovering the wonderful things a fellow blogger had to say about what Naked me Tea did for her I knew I had to contact them for a try.

KidzPhonz™ Express Yourself™ Headphones Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor
        With the boys being significantly younger than Alana (10 years apart), we have a hard time getting them to understand why she gets certain products and privileges that they don't.  The boys are always bugging her for her headphones especially.  Both Dane and Declan have always been very into music and I think having a natural musical talent like their Father.  However, they still aren't to the age that I want to head out and buy them the same expensive gadgets that their teenage sister has.

Bohm BIG Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Giveaway Sponsor

        We have always been a very musically motivated family and more-so a family that entertains constantly!  Whenever we are  completing different tasks around the house like cleaning, prepping for a party, or even just hanging out, you can be sure to find music is playing around us.  We have always found a way to incorporate music into our whole families life.

ZAQ Galaxy Oil Diffuser Review and #Giveaway

@MOON_Blogs Ignite Your Senses Sponsor
        I have always been a very clean and organized person.  One of my favorite things to do when I was single was to light some candles, break open a bottle of wine, and pull out my steam cleaner.  Sad, yes I know, but it was so relaxing and I loved the feel/smell of a clean home for days after.  Because of all the animals I have always had, the cleanly smell has always been something important to me

        In the past I would burn candles but now having kids, candles are a rarity because of all the dangers they bring into a home with children.  Recently, I learned about aroma diffusers and was pumped to give them a try!  Being that we also run a humidifier in both of the kids rooms, I figured this might be a useful combination of both products.  I was thrilled when ZAQ agreed to work with me for the Ignite Your Senses event by sending me over the Galazy Oil Diffuser.

        Right away I was pumped about the design of this beautiful diffuser as it fit right into the M.O.O.N. (Make Our Own Network) theme.  "Artfully made of ceramic, the Galaxy is inspired by the mysterious beauty of outer space."  This diffuser fits with just about any decor in your house near a plug and is energy efficient.

        All you need is to add water to it's large 200ml tank and a few drops of essential oils to enjoy a subtle scent around your home.  Then, the lights start to change colors glowing through the craters (holes) creating a soft glow relaxing any one close by.  This makes for the perfect night light/scent diffuser/humidifier for any bedroom in my opinion.

Cost/Available to purchase: $68 Zaq Galaxy Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser Multi Color Led, 200ml Capacity
Recommendation:  Depending on your need for air freshening, I would recommend giving these a try.  As far as pricing goes this definitely seems high but it is truly beautiful and has multiple functions.  These are still much safer for your home and are much more worth the money!
Facebook:  ZAQ
Twitter: @ZAQAromatherapy
Pinterest:  ZAQ

Giveaway:  ZAQ is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Galaxy Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser to have of their own!

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