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Everyone likes to change the look and feel of the rooms in their home from time to time. Living with the same furniture, accessories and draperies does get boring after a few years, so most people choose to change the color and furnishings of their dwelling for a fresh new look. The bedroom is often the last room in the home to be updated since it is not a room that guests typically enter. However, changing the look and feel of this private retreat can make it a more comfortable place to retire at the end of the day.

Bed linens and sheets are quite durable and do not necessarily need to be replaced because they are worn out, but purchasing new ones in a different color with coordinating accessories can change the look and feel of a bedroom. Some people like to have two sets of bedding that they change with the seasons. Summer is the time to switch the quilt or comforter to more lightweight bedding in cool seasonal colors. When the chilly temperatures a winter return, the added warmth of a down comforter along with an additional blanket is a welcome change. The color palate of winter bedding also tends to be darker in shades of wine, navy blue or even black.

Home improvement projects and simple ways to update the home are popular these days, and it is quite possible to change the look and feel of a home by merely changing the color palate in one or more rooms. This can usually be accomplished by painting the walls a different color and purchasing area rugs, occasional pillows and wall hangings. The new color theme can be carried throughout the home with new bedding, towels, curtains and rugs when it is repeated in various and complementary shades.

People who own their home are able to make structural changes with home improvement projects, but apartment dwellers are limited in the type of improvements available to them. When renters want a new look in their home, their best choice is to change the color and style of their furniture and accessories. It is entirely possible for people who rent or lease to create a new and different look for their home with a bit of imagination and careful planning.

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