Top Five Benefits of Private High Schools

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Today, there is a great debate regarding public versus private high schools. While public schools are often lauded for their funding and their openness to all, private schools are often chosen by parents for their high standards. Many parents believe that their children will receive a better education at a private institution and will be more ready for college and their future lives than they would at a public institution. In many cases, this is indeed the truth as can be seen by these top benefits of choosing a private high school

Increased Extracurricular Activities

Private high schools are often known for combining strong academics with a wide range of extracurricular activities. Many times, these programs are even stronger than the ones found at public schools because the students are pushed to excel. The Arts are featured strongly at many private schools, and boys and girls have the option to study drama, fine art, ballet and much more. On the other hand, public schools are restricted by the government as to what percentage of their funds they can spend on the Arts.

Increased Parental Involvement

Because it can be so difficult to get into a good private high school and because of the high cost that is typically involved, parents of private school teenagers are usually much more involved with school life than parents of public school teenagers are. Parents who want to be on school committees and who want to be involved in school functions, such as fundraisers, dances and benefits, will love the private school atmosphere.

Beautiful Campuses

Typically, a higher percentage of funds goes towards maintaining the grounds and campus buildings at private schools than is used at public schools. These campuses are often filled with beautiful landscaping, have amazing teaching facilities for technology and the arts and have excellent sports facilities, such as volleyball and tennis courts, horseback riding paths and archery fields. In addition, some private campuses, such as the Archer School for Girls, are built around historic buildings and are situated in gorgeous residential neighborhoods.

High Academic Achievement

Of course, the primary benefit that comes to mind when considering a private high school is the high push for academic excellence. While all schools must follow some sort of governmental guidelines for academic material, private schools often have higher amounts of time spent in the classroom, lower student to teacher ratios and higher course workloads. Usually, private school students have a higher average grade point average than public school students do.

High Personal Values

Even more importantly, however, is the push for personal character found at private schools. Private school students are usually more disciplined in the classroom because there is no tolerance for mischief. Many private schools even require a certain number of hours of community service prior to graduation.

In general, students who emerge from private schools are thought to be well-rounded individuals with great personal character, excellent critical thinking skills and higher academic achievements. Oftentimes, the increased number of rules, excellent teacher to student ratio and extracurricular programs are to be praised. Other times, it is simply the diligence of the student when placed in an excellent environment. One way or another, private schools are certainly a viable alternative to today’s public high schools.

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