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Humanity has been blessed with a wide assortment of tools that can help people accomplish many tasks. Having the right tool can enable an individual to accomplish a particular job or project. There are a few items to consider when thinking about tools.

Universal Tools
Tools can come in any number of various shapes and sizes. Although some may be surprised, a car can be a wonderful tool that is used each day. After all, a car transports people from one place to another. There are situations that a vehicle can save an individual plenty of time as compared to a different form of transportation, such as walking or biking. Another tool that can be helpful is a cell phone. Although there are many different kinds of phones that are on the market today, each one serves the purpose of connecting people to each other. A clock is a tool that enables people to know the time of day and can fit on a wrist or hung on a wall. These and other similar tools are universal in use. Although there are plenty of brands and varieties, the purpose and use is generally the same.

Specific Tools
It can be easy to say that all tools work the same, but that is not the truth. There are instances where specific tools are required in order to get work done. Suppose a homeowner was installing a new bedroom door. While there are many different doors that can be used, he or she needs to use a specific screwdriver in order to get the work done. Although the individual has a Phillips screwdriver, the screws require a flathead screwdriver. Therefore, a specific tool is needed in order to get the job done. Specific tools are needed in many areas in life. Suppose students are learning some basic numbers for a test. While there are plenty of different kinds of number helps, a specific kind of product, such as two color counters, can be just what a child needs in order to learn. After all, each child learns differently.

There is a balance between distinguishing the difference between needing a universal tool as compared to needing a specific tool. There is discernment needed at times to distinguish between the two. Fortunately, there are many instances where people know exactly what they need and have great tools available to get work accomplished.

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