Making A Bouquet Of Cookies

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If you're looking for a gift for someone for a holiday or special occasion, then consider cookie bouquets. You can purchase them online or make them yourself if you have the right items to use for the bouquet.

When you think of giving cookies, you might think of a box of treats that are wrapped with a bow or a tray of cookies that are wrapped with a colorful piece of plastic. Cookie bouquets can be made for any occasion and for people who enjoy any kind of hobby. The cookies can be decorated and shaped in any kind of design that will blend with the occasion. You can add other treats and decorations with the cookies to complete the bouquet. The first thing that you need to do is decide why you are making the bouquet. It might be for a child's birthday, Christmas or an anniversary. The type of occasion will dictate the shape of cookies that are made. A Christmas bouquet could include trees and Santa shapes, and a birthday bouquet could include crowns and balloons. Someone who likes poker or card games might enjoy a bouquet with various playing cards in the background along with cookies decorated to look like cards.

A basic sugar cookie recipe is best to use when cutting out the cookie shapes. These don't have a lot of extra flavors, and they are easier to decorate since they have a plain color. When the cookie shapes are made, put a small wooden craft stick on the surface before baking. This is how the cookie will stick in the base of the bouquet. Form the dough around the stick so that it will stay in place. After the cookies are baked and cooled, decorate them to match the shape of the cookie and the basket. Assemble the basket with filler items that can be used on a daily basis, for special occasions or as a decoration. Wrap the bouquet with clear plastic so that the recipient can see the items inside. Attach a card to the basket with a ribbon for a finishing touch.


  1. adorable and so easy to make too

  2. This is a cute idea! It would be a great idea for kids on Valentine's Day, especially!


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