The Best Public Street Art Installations of 2015

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Do you think that real art only hangs on the walls in museums or sits on the floor of art galleries? Now is a great time to change the way you think about art. Public art installations are completely unlike the artwork you might see in a museum or gallery. It often has a fun side, and most public art encourages those walking down the street to stop and have some fun of their own. Find out more about some of the best public art installations found across the country in 2015.

Oh Sit! 12 Sculptors Consider the Chair

Located in New York, Oh Sit! 12 Sculptors Consider the Chair is a fun series of pieces created by a number of local artists. Highbridge Park, which opened in 2015, sits near an old bridge used for decades by locals to get around the city. Though the bridge closed for a number of years, when the neighborhood decided to renovate and reopen it, a handful of sculptors decided to try their hands at making people stop and think twice about ordinary chairs. When checking out the new park, make sure you check out the sculptures too.

High Desert Test Sites

Joshua Tree National Park already has a number of fans, but it may gain a whole new group of fans thanks to the public installation called High Desert Test Sites. Created by a group of sculptors and other artists who actually lived on-site for more than a decade, it consists of artwork designed to match the look of the park and actually blend with the landscape. You won't want to miss the Outdoor Art Museum, which features multiple pieces created by Noah Purifoy over the course of 15 years.

NYC Pianos

The next time you find yourself walking through the streets of NYC, you may just come across a few pianos on the side of the road. Sing for Hope created the street pianos in NY installation to encourage would-be artists to try creating their own music. You can sit right down at the piano and play until your heart is content. As the art installation grows more popular though, you may find yourself waiting in line. Whether you head to Joshua Tree or New York, make sure you take some time to check out the top public art installations of 2015, including works by some of the country's most famous artists.

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