Should Your Kid Go to a Ballet Class?

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For those who practice ballet and wish to pass down the tradition to their little ones, it can be difficult to separate the pros from the cons. While some see ballet as an analog for life, there are others who point out the numerous disadvantages that are associated with the lifestyle.  The price of the activity and associated equipment might also be a factor, but when you take a look at coupons for Neiman Marcus, Target and other popular shops that will help you save some money not only on your kid's necessities, but other items as well. So, if you're still wondering about whether or not your child should go for ballet, read on to learn more about everything you need to know:


1. Stress Release

Yes, children have their own stress factors, too. Ballet provides a great outlet for any unreleased  tension and it is a wonderful form of exercise. Strenuous exercise allows for the release of various endorphin's, which gives  kids a chance to unleash their pent up stress and become happier and more well-adjusted.

2. Discipline

Ballet requires the development of discipline. Very few people display an immediate gift for ballet, so children learn about the importance of practicing on a regular basis and are able to realize the gains that can only be derived from consistent effort. There is no better time than childhood to learn about taking the proper steps to achieve a goal!

3. Overcoming Shyness

It is common for children to be shy and helping them to find pursuits that give them the opportunity to overcome their bashful side is crucial to their long term development. Ballet teaches shy children how to perform in front of audiences and this process can often draw them out of their shell for good.


1. Physically Demanding

Did you know that ballet can actually be more physically taxing than football? It is more dangerous and more difficult, so parents who are placing their children in ballet must be careful. If children are not willing to maintain a strict training regimen, they are placing their bodies at serious risk.

2. Decreased Social Activity

Kids who treasure their ability to spend time with their friends should not enroll in ballet classes. If they really want to be serious about it, all of their other activities will come second. While some children are able to prioritize, kids who are social butterflies may struggle to stay the course.

3. Short Professional Life Span

Even if a child displays supreme aptitude for ballet, they will not be able to make a living for very long. Ballet dancers typically retire by the ripe old age of 35, and while some can make it to 40, this is a not a viable career path for most people. Parents might be more apt to place an emphasis on extracurricular activities that can provide additional benefits to their children later in life.

All in all, ballet has plenty of great advantages, so even if it doesn't become an activity your kid will be into their whole life, it's surely an experience worth trying!


  1. my daughter went and loved it,,now my grandson and granddaughter are going and love it too

  2. Ballet is beautiful to watch, but it definitely takes commitment & willingness to put your body through the ringer. I would say that if the kid doesn't absolutely love it, find a different activity.


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