A Career that Children Dream About

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Just about every child grows up with their dream job in mind. They may grow up wanting to become an astronaut, a doctor, a scientist, or a lawyer. In most cases, children do not grow up to pursue their dream job. Instead, they will get a job that is best for the circumstances they find themselves in as adults. However, some individuals are able to pursue the things they loved as a child and parlay that into a well-paid job.

An example of this is individuals who climb trees for a living. These professional arborists spend their time climbing trees either to study them, to cut them down, or to survey the area around them. They are only able to do their job because they have access to arborist climbing gear.

Individuals who climb trees for a living have the enviable job of spending the majority of their career out doors. They are able to do for pay what children do for free, that is climb up and down trees. Some professional tree climbers work as guides or instructors. They may work in areas that have canopy tours, and so they will work to maintain the cables that the canopy tours use. They may also work with researchers, photographers, and the average individual who wants to get the thrill of climbing large trees.

A lot of individuals who work in this field started climbing trees when they were children. The passion that they had for tree climbing as a child never disappeared.

One of the reasons why people who do this work are so satisfied with their job is because it is a job that is physically and mentally demanding. It does not require them to sit behind the desk eight hours a day. Instead, they are able to visit new places, meet new people, and push themselves to their physical and emotional limit every single day.

Professional tree climbers come from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and social economical situations. One thing that professional tree climbers and tree climbing instructors comment on is that when they are working with clients, everyone is able to get along regardless of their religious, philosophical, or political background. This is because there is something that is built inside us as humans that drives us to want to climb trees and be at one with nature. When people are able to fulfill these goals, they feel at peace with themselves, and it is easier for them to get along with others.

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