The Gift of Flowers

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If you're looking for a gift idea for someone who seems to have everything or someone who is in a hospital or nursing home and can't have a lot of gifts, then consider a bouquet of Christmas flowers.
You can make your own flower arrangements, or you can order Christmas flowers Sydney companies offer. Many flower arrangements for the holiday are red and white, but there are a few other color combinations that are beautiful for the holiday as well and that are sure to brighten someone's day.

A white basket with red trim or a basket that looks like an image that has to do with Christmas, such as Rudolph, Santa or a snowman, is ideal to start with. Try to use flowers that match the basket or the vase that you're using. This will give a blended look to the arrangement instead of using flowers that are a completely different color than the container. You can also add a few small gifts to the arrangement that will bring a shine or a festive appearance.

Carnations are popular flowers that are used with Christmas arrangements. You can find red, pink and white, and some florists will have carnations that are a mix of red and white together. Roses are the right color for the holiday, but you might find that they are a bit more expensive to get because they are out of season. A wreath is an arrangement to consider if you want to add a few different flowers together. It's also easier to add faux berries and other trinkets for a festive look.

Gold and silver accents are ideal for adding to a flower arrangement. You can put small ornaments in these colors between the flowers, or you can spray paint some of the leaves of artificial flowers to give a unique look to the arrangement. Dark green leaves can highlight the flowers that you use whether they are red, white, pink or gold. When you're arranging the flowers on a table, consider adding a candle or pine cones on each end to give a beautiful look for the display.

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