4 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

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When spring starts melting into the familiar heat of summer, you might be looking forward to barbecues, swimming and warmer temperatures. When those temperatures get too warm, though, you may once again yearn for the comfort of cool. Unfortunately, you cannot control the weather, but you may be able to find some relief through other means. You can avoid uncomfortable heat by following a few simple tips that will help you stay cool. The next time you hear one of the kids complaining about it, just refer to this list and use one of the helpful hints it offers.

In addition to being practical, these ideas are also fun and frugal! There is no need to break the bank in pursuit of relief from the heat. In fact, some of these tips might even help you save money year-round. These are the best solutions you will find to combating the struggles of summer.

Get Crafty With Clothes

When it’s hot as can be, nothing is worse than being stuck in uncomfortable clothing. You can turn this into a fun project, though, by letting the kids get crafty with their clothes. If they’ve got long-sleeve tops or old shirts they don’t wear anymore, you can make the most of these and create some weather-appropriate attire by allowing them to strategically scissor their clothing. Turn them into loose, comfortable tank tops and bring out any other craft supplies that can be utilized to turn their new threads into a work of art fit for the summer heat.

Eat Sweet (and Cool!) Treats

When the sun seems to be personally targeting you and your home, nothing sounds as refreshing as a cold, delicious lemonade. Lemonade is just one of many treats you can enjoy that will alleviate the oppression of heat. Indulge in some sweet drinks or find some ice cream and have an ice cream sundae social. If you are feeling adventurous, you might even look into getting a homemade ice cream machine in preparation for hot days when the whole family is hit with a craving. Everybody will enjoy the process and the results cooling effect, too.

Invest in HVAC Maintenance

The most obvious answer to keeping you home cool is your air conditioner, of course. Running it all day every day is not just a major expense, though a huge waste of energy and has a detrimental impact on the environment. Many people are unaware that their HVAC unit is not running at maximum efficiency, though. DIY plumbing tricks and tips cannot provide the same level of expertise that a professional can, so if you want to save money and ensure your AC keeps you as cool as possible, consider calling a plumber for routine maintenance and service.

Take a Day Trip

If the heat is too much to bear and you’d rather avoid running up your bills by having the AC on all day, consider packing the family in the car and simply heading somewhere that is cooler. This may be the library where you can find great reads and enjoy their AC or perhaps you’ll hit the community swimming pool and enjoy going for a dip. No matter where you go, simply flocking to a cooler spot can be a fun and easy way to avoid the hassle of the heat. To the kids, it’s just a fun adventure.

The heat might make you feel like you are going insane, but with these fun and simple tips, you can easily regain control of your home and keep it comfortable for the whole family. Don’t let summer scorchers bring you down when you can turn hot days into an excuse for fun activities.

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