Growing into Green

        It seems as though with moving into the age and generations of technology, we have also moved into an age of awareness.  Being these are of a controversial nature in comparison to each other, they make for a great debate between generations.  As each generation advances with its technology, we set another one back in nature.

        I wasn't always such a tree huggin' hippie.  If you had asked me a decade ago what my thoughts of where my life would be today, you would probably fall over in laughter as my goals and ideals on life have changed that drastically.  Having three technology driven children, I am forced to consider both sides of being both in a world of technology AND fighting hard to create a GREEN environment for my family.

        I've learned we need to be open to more things which we are unsure of AND keep an open mind to how every decision effects more than just those around us.  Becoming an eco-enthusiast means more than just recycling and gardening.  It means understanding how technology has played a major role in the advances we currently have as well as develop each day regarding environmentally friendly products, services, practice, and more.

        In making the decision to begin a major transition to have a green (technology filled) household, there are always going to be struggles. Whether it's favorite products or a dependable brand that you've been loyal to forever.  Sometimes it's not everyone's decision or everyone doesn't give a 100% commitment.  Whatever it is though everyone needs to be reasonable, open to other ideals, and allow each individual to make those changes at their own speed.

        This all being said, I wanted to take what I felt to be a perfect opportunity to share the transition and lifestyle as well as all the ups and downs you can expect to discover along the way.  As my family moves into a new home, we hope to research all the eco-friendly options available to update a house and create a sustainable, efficient, and green friendly home as realistically possible to the every family.

        You can expect reviews and opinions from each member of my family (and potentially friends/extended family) ranging in age from 3 to 60.  Because this is also a diary of a house on the path to becoming a green home, you can also expect to find thoughts on what the house encounters and deals with on a day to day transition into this new lifestyle!

We will do our best to provide the following throughout the transition:
Each Option Available (including multiple brands, quotes)
Before and After Photos
Before and After Actual Utilities or Bills
Detailed Costs

Categories to Explore
Prepping the Home

*Please keep in mind, everything you read may or may not be completely accurate and information provided is from a personal, residential perspective.  No claims made are a guarantee and should be verified with an outside professional or source.


  1. I like the Growing Into Green posts on your site. I always enjoy posts about being good to the environment.

  2. I am slowly going green so your posts always give me great new ideas.


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