2015 Toyota Corolla #DriveToyota Review

        As a non-specific product reviewer, I like to keep a wide variety of reviews flowing through the blog so there is something for everyone!  Regardless of what stage in life you are going through, I want to be there to help my readers as I really consider my blog to have more than one focus.  I was recently sent over a 2015 Toyota Corolla to review and share with all of you!


How To Find The Ideal Home Decor Company

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There's nothing quite as enlivening and relaxing as coming home to a house marked by functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, many homeowners find that they lack the time, knowledge, and/or energy to make changes to their private living space. If this is your dilemma, don't let it stop you from whipping your home into shape. Instead, concentrate on finding the ideal home decor company to do it for you. Here are three ways to make your search for the perfect home decor company successful:


Don't Be Fooled #SCAM Blogger Alert!

I've waited quite a while to post something on my blog regarding this topic but I feel it is due time.  While I am sure a lot of you have seen my Facebook mentions of the scamming blogger, I have waited to share the ugly details.  PLEASE read this with an open mind that this type of behavior has been documented and tracked now legally.


Grow Oya Review #OyaGrown

        In past years, I've grown this huge beautiful garden that produces some really great fruit and vegetables in the beginning of the year.  Then towards the end of the summer each year, I get busy spending my time with the kids or friends.  It never fails, I forget to water my plants one day, one day only and everything is down hill from there.  They each slowly begin to die or just don't end up the same for the rest of the season.


New #FreshThymeMI Specialty Grocery Store + Twitter Party Fun

        There's a new full-service specialty grocery store in Michigan!  Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market opened it's first store earlier this year with 3 new stores which opened yesterday!  With locations now in East Lansing, Northville, Troy and Rochester Hills, shoppers will be able to find over 450 local items offered.  This is in support of their mission - "Our mission is to improve the way our communities eat by combining the spirit of a weekend farmers market, and the convenience of a neighborhood store, with the nutritious offerings of a natural food marketplace."


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