Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale Review

        I have been trying update all my weight loss tools around the home as we move our things into the new home.  The bathroom scale I had been using is at least ten years old and looks about fifty years old.  I've reviewed a few over the past year but none of which were able to take the place of my old one.  So when the opportunity arose to review Taylor Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale, I had to have it.

Arc Entertainment Holiday DVD Pack #Giveaway

Here's you chance to win a phenomenal movie pack for the holiday!  I've got an awesome collection filled with movies you definitely want to own!  I've had the opportunity to review several of these and can tell you, my family loved them.  I am beyond excited to share these with you again!


Don't Miss #OLEDatBestBuy During Prime #HintingSeason

@BestBuy #HintingSeason #OLEDatBestBuy

        Alright if you've ever been around my family especially for more than a decade, you know that there is one time of year where ALL of us in the family go nuts...Black Friday Shopping.  We used to spend hours on Thanksgiving preparing for our trips the next day and we would wait anxiously for those sale papers to arrive to begin the planning.  We will wait for hours in the cold (here in Michigan) to get the best deals even if they are not necessities.  Its the rush of the entire experience as well as the tradition of doing this together!


Jinja Jewelry Review and #Giveaway

        My style has barely changed over the past 15 years and as sad as it might sound, the things I liked in High School, I still enjoy now as an adult (at least when it comes to makeup and jewelry).  Even though it only happens on a rare occasion, I love dressing up for date nights and special occasions.  I wish I still worked outside of the home so I could have different places to show off the jewelry I own.  I am usually very picky about the types of jewelry I actually purchase since I wear it so rarely.

The Bouqs Fresh Flower Delivery Review #BouqLove

The Bouqs Company
        When Kevin and I first started dating and we're spending all our time together getting to know each other, we of course did the 20 questions of our likes and dislikes.  I made a huge mistake in one of these conversations by telling him that I didn't like getting flowers.  I barely even remember telling him this but I know what I meant is that I wasn't one of those girls that needed flowers all the time.


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