BuySend Home and Garden Review

     Moving into the new house this past year, we that we were going to take every opportunity we could to update all areas of the home.  We especially are focused on Growing into Green as a family.  Of course shopping for each area of the home can be done at stores themed for the specific area.  BUT, finding somewhere which provides for each area of the home in one place is a big win.

He's a Bully, Charlie Brown Review National Bullying Prevention Month

        I have always always always been one of those proactive people against 'bullying' or even the nasty kids in school who think they are better than everyone.  I have always made it appoint to be nice to everyone (popular or unpopular) throughout my life as well as setting that example for my three children.  That being said, October is an important month for our family.


Cool Gear Supports The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

        Breast Cancer is not a light subject to discuss (and of course as is any kind of Cancer).  I've been touched personally by Cancer as a whole from both sides of my family, my in-laws, and several friends.  I know I'm not alone in it's affect as the disease seems to be all around us.  I was thrilled when one of my favorite brands Cool Gear, asked me to work with them in support of finding a cure!



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