Financing a Remodel: Your Funding Options

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Your home is a beautiful reflection of your personality. From the color to window treatments, the property is yours to enjoy over the years. However, remodeling the home is always a good idea as the property ages. Painting the interior, removing a few walls and adding new flooring are necessary but expensive tasks. Take a look at your financial options when you want to remodel your house. Affordability is a common factor that drives all of these selections.


Happy Pets From the Inside Out

I have tried to make a change in every part of my families life to be more healthy and green.  I never really factored in our pets at first but realistically, they are family too.  I would never exclude them from anything else so why wouldn't I try to move them into a more organic lifestyle?  They deserve to eat healthy and live long great lives too! 


Top Tier Style Bohemian Dresses

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Okay, as much as I love being that go to person for product recommendations - I am not into shopping for clothes too often.  Yes, I think I have style but it is just very different shopping for myself as I have such an awkward figure since I am short and quite busty on top.  I usually spend hours and hours searching for the perfect dress when it comes to events.


Cooking with KidStir and Making Memories

*I want to start this post out by apologizing to both my readers and the brand.  This review was a very difficult one for me to post over the holiday season as my Grandmother actually passed away after writing this and it was just too bitter sweet to read through or share until now.

I used to be extremely big into baking and cooking with my grandmother when I was younger.  It feels like yesterday that I would bake side by side with her.  With my grandmother older and not in the best of health, time in the kitchen is just different.  It's because of this, I truly appreciate these times, handed down recipes, traditions, and memories!  This is also the reason, I love to bake with my kids. 


How Protection Covering Can Make Clean-Up Easier for Exterior Projects

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Exterior home improvement projects can require plenty of clean-up if you do not use the right protective covering. Incorporating the use of affordable and durable protective coverings offers an easier way to get a project done. You can prepare for the next job in less time. Below are a few of the jobs that will benefit from the use of protective covering materials.


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