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Xpressivo WHITE X1 Machine with FOAMER, plus 60 coffee capsules 
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Brass Hose Nozzle from Pro Accessories Review

        Now it may not seem like a big deal to those who don't spend a lot of their time outdoors, but I have learned over the years that is is very important to have a quality hose and hose nozzle.  With watering my garden so frequently I want something that is going to last as I travel around my yard.  With moving into the new house, we will have a ton more property and will need something that can really get some distance and last.


Gray Away Root Touch Up #Giveaway

        Even though I dye my hair at least every other month, I actually don't travel to the salon often because of the costs involved.  I usually cut and dye my own hair as well as everyone in my family to save money.  Though as the years pass, each of my friends and family are starting to develop the dreaded part of aging, GRAY HAIR!  Slowly but surely with age, this includes myself!

Care for Your Elderly at Home with the Right Support

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Watching the signs of aging in your loved one is a difficult and taxing thing to do. You know that your parents will age, but you might find yourself unprepared for what happens to that loved one. Whether your father shows the early signs of Alzheimer's, or your mother has problems with mobility, you know that you need to get them help. If you're like most people, you probably aren't sure what to do. With the right type of help by your side, you can help your loved ones age gracefully.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Cat Dry Food Review

        With being big animal lovers in my household, comes in my opinion, a ton of responsibility!  Our pets are family, which means we take care of them like we would the children.  We teach the kids to be the same way constantly and this includes sharing in the responsibility of taking care of each of them.  We currently have two dogs, a cat, two bearded dragons and (ummm) a snake.


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