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        When it comes to Kevin, I rarely have an issue determining what to buy for him.  Whether it's a holiday, birthday or special occasion, he is very predictable.  Obviously we share several personality traits and likes in common because we are married.  Besides that, his personality hasn't changed much since the day I met him.  He has always been an outgoing, social party animal and gamer.


Frux Home and Yard - Flameless Tea Light Set + Extra Long Fairy Star Lights Review

        When going to college myself and even as a child, I loved decorating my room with anything like glow in the dark stars and rope lighting.  I always felt it added a special personal touch to the dorm rooms and of course we weren't allowed candles so it helped set a fun ambiance.  With the move into a new house as well as a daughter nearing her first dorm room, I love finding unique decorating solutions.

Moustache Coffee Club Review

Coffee Subscription, Coffee Club, Single Origin Coffee, Coffee Subscription box, Lightly roasted.
        Now I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in the coffee and tea beverage area as I've stated several times before.  I hate going to places like Starbucks or the Coffee Beanery everyday to get a yummy snack.  The costs are ridiculous!  So what do I do?  I create them at home like everyone else is forced to do (especially to save money).  I am by all means not a coffee addict like some who need it to function, however, having the Keurig makes it easy to make something different each day!  Though, one of the things I miss most having my Keurig is having the freshly ground coffee.

#EarthDay Recycling Ideas #CareToRecycle

        O.K. everyone of my readers should know by now that I try my hardest to live the most eco-friendly lifestyle as realistically possible.  Of course this isn't always easy at times having a family of five but we try our hardest.  The easiest way to do so I've found, is through recycling and up-cycling.  Kids (or at least mine) love doing crafts of any kind which is why I try to turn any kind of waste I can into a project for us to work together on.

Enlightened Ambience Dimmable Antique Chandelier Light Bulbs Review

        When hanging out at home, shopping or going out to eat, most people don't tend to pay attention to ambiance.  You'd be surprised though how much emphasis is placed on things like this at businesses.  Different times of the day can mean different moods in people.  The need for a change in lighting or music can be different throughout the day and can differ from company to company.  Coming from a dining background I feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of these changes and needs.


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