My Art Gallery® For Kids Review and #Giveaway #HGG

This review/giveaway was brought to you by and My Art Gallery For Kids.
My Art Gallery
        Every child loves to color at one point and time in their life!  My boys absolutely love to do crafts of any sort at home.  Dane especially loves creating pieces of art while at school and at home.  He has his own desk and creative art nook in his room where he spends hours creating "masterpieces"!

Snuggle White Lavender & Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener Review

        Recently, we were asked to review the new Snuggle White Lavender & Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener.  Designed to help enhance the quality of sleep someone would receive by washing their sheets with this fabric softener, Snuggle could not have asked me at a better time.  Unfortunately I have to describe to you what our family went through over the last few weeks in order to share why Snuggle has been a real life saver.

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Southwest Beverages Instant Hot Chocolate and Coffee Review and #Giveaway

Southwest Beverages
        I hate going to places like Starbucks or Tim Hortons everyday to get a yummy snack.  The costs are ridiculous!  Unfortunately over the end of the last school year, my father spoiled my boys by taking them every morning before school.  They would each get donuts and a gourmet hot chocolate.  He did this because he knew we were moving where he wouldn't be able to spend that time in the morning with them the following year.

Epica 1500 Watt Fabric Steamer Review

        Working in a dry cleaners the apperance of my clothing has become very important to me.  I can't stand the sight of wrinkled clothing!  So when I was asked to review the Epica 1500 Watt Fabric Steamer, I was beyond happy to.  Not only can you use this for your clothing but you could also use it for other items like your curtains, table cloths, or bedding.  You can even use the steamer to get that pesky wall paper to peel off easier which I know everyone owning an older home dreads doing.


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