Toy Story OF TERROR! DVD Review

        Our family was extremely excited to have the opportunity to review Toy Story OF TERROR!  We have been talking about it since it made its way to TV last year around Halloween.  Available on Blu-ray + Digital Copy, DVD, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere as of August 19th, 2014.  We are such a huge Halloween family that I knew we would love this one!


Prize Candle Review

        Before having children, there was always one thing you could count on seeing if you came to my house (or even further back my apartment), which was candles burning.  When I say candles I also mean LOTS of candles every where you look throughout my home.  I consider myself to be a big animal lover and have always had a variety of pets.  With them, comes the smells on EVERYTHING.


The Learning Journey International Review and #Giveaway

The Learning Journey
        As a parent of a both elementary and pre-school aged children, I am always trying to encourage them to get excited about learning especially between the two of them.  They are constantly fighting over toys and games and I truly believe this is the age where you set the education expectations for your children for their entire life.  They will either enjoy learning and work hard to get through any obstacles or they will continuously struggle and get discouraged.

Summer in February DVD Review and #Giveaway

        On August 12th, 2014, Cinedigm and Tribeca Film released Summer in February on DVD! I knew right away this would be the traditional tradgic love story set in a time that I absolutely love!  I sometimes believe I was born in the wrong decade and absolutely love the different love stories of each era!

Beach Road Designs Beach Sheet Review and #Giveaway

        When I was younger we used to camp at least two times a month.  It is one of my favorite childhood memories and honestly one of the only quality times we had spent as a family.  The boys are finally at the age where they can get active in sports, camping, and taking trips to the beach.  Our Summers are perfect for the beach, pool and water park trips.  And our Falls are perfect for trips to the playground, tailgating, camping and bonfire weather.


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