Step Up Your Sound w/ Altec Lansing Products - Review and #Giveaway

Being the type of person that loves listening to music regardless of what I am doing, I am always scooping up the latest devices to do so on the go.  As a blogger technology and electronics are a huge part of my life!  Because I spend so much time outdoors, I hate being tied to any type of cords, outlets, or connections!  So when I come across a product or brand that keeps me feeling free, I am all about it!


Light Your Technology Up with BenQ - Review

Before becoming a blogger, way back when I was in college, I still frequently used computers as an engineer.  At the time, I thought this was great to have so much access to this kind of technology.  My parents and teachers always gave the spiel about how bad staring at the TV or computer too closely would be.  I honestly had no idea what was to come of the technology world and how addicted to it our society (and my children) would become.

Stencil Revolution Makes Decor and Crafting Easy and Precise

Because I consider myself an artistic person, I love learning new skills.  As of lately, I've been working on a lot of home decor crafts.  Not only are there lots of new home trends going around reusing items like pallets but we are potentially planning a move to a new home again.  Instead of buying new d├ęcor, we are trying to get creative with the old decor. 


A Green Ladybug - Crafts, DIY Projects, and Green Living Fun!

I've always considered myself an artistic person.  From a very young age I entered into art shows and loved drawing.  From there, my love for arts turned a bit more technical in the world of engineering and my DIY skills started to grow.  Even then, I never realized how many ideas I had and what I was capable of creating. 


Liquid Love with Java House - Review and #Giveaway

Kevin and I have always been big coffee drinkers.  We have even gone through at least five coffee makers since we've been married.  As in most homes, we have changed over to primarily using a pod coffee maker for all of our hot beverages.  We love that we can each have our favorite blends (our tastes are quite different) and the kids can even have hot chocolate within seconds of us making tea or coffee.


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