Christmas Crafting w/ the Kids AND #OrientalTrading

Christmas is always a special time of year for my family and even though we don't celebrate to the extreme that I did as a child, I want to celebrate in a similar magical way for my children.  This year has been a bit of a hectic one for my family as we've got a new little addition to our family.  Duncan gets into everything lately and always has us on our toes.  So this year, we've decided to let the kids run the show.  We are crafting it up and letting them decorate how they want around the house.

The Emoji Movie Holiday Must Have #HGG #HolidayGift

        I'm hoping that by now you've all heard about the exciting new movie and even gone out and grabbed yourself a copy of the The Emoji Movie.  Unfortunately I'm about a week behind sharing all about it because everyone in my family seemed to catch the Fall cold bug the last few weeks.  Though we've all been stuck in bed and pretty miserable, we've kept pretty entertained watching The Emoji Movie over and over again all week!


Entertaining This Holiday w/ @BestBuy @GEappliances #Ad

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Now I dont know about your family but holiday meals have been a tradition since I can remember.  I used to love baking with my grandmother when I was younger.  It feels like yesterday that I would bake side by side with her during the holiday season.  It's because of this, I truly appreciate these times, handed down recipes, traditions, and memories!  This is also the reason, I love spending time in the kitchen with my kids and why our kitchen is the focal point of our home.  I love my kitchen and am always trying out new recipes and gadgets. 


Protect Your Family w/ #CUJO from @BestBuy @Cujounited

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.
          Its odd how security and safety has become such a necessity in my household (more than most).  This is due to the fact that my husband had worked for a private investigator for over five years (not so long ago).  He solely ran the security shop and monitored all aspects of the security company.  Because of this, I feel as though I have become much more knowledgeable in this area of technology as well more dependent on it.


8 Gifts That Are Suitable for Every Holiday

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It can be difficult to find just the right gift for a friend or family member. This is especially true if you're shopping for a specific holiday with all of the red-and-green trappings or bunny-themed expectations of the occasion. The good news is that some gifts are universal, so no matter what kind of holiday that you're shopping for, here are just a few presents that will always get you a smile from your recipient.



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