Zubel's Knit Cotton Doll Review

        So having a baby in today's day and age comes with a whole new set of challenges than in the past and a completely different lifestyle.  Women don't stay at home 24/7 anymore and are not the only ones staying home taking care of the children.  Parent's lean towards natural parenting products and not just what's commercially available.

Eco Defense All Natural Organic Pest Repeller Review

        As I've mentioned a bunch recently, we knew moving into a home in the country was going to bring a whole new set of challenges being a homeowner.  Specifically, we knew we would be dealing with all sorts of country wildlife that we weren't used to living in suburbia previously.  That being said, I was definitely interested when Eco Defense asked me to review their All Natural Organic Pest Repeller.

KD Novelties My Day on Sesame Street Personalized Book Review

Personalized Childrens Books by KD Novelties
        Alright as a parent of an elementary school aged child you are always trying to encourage them to get excited about learning.  I truly believe this is the age where you set the education expectations for your children for their entire life.  They will either enjoy learning and work hard to get through any obstacles or they will continuously struggle and get discouraged throughout these obstacles.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive Review and #Giveaway

        Sometimes life doesn't take the turns you want it to; Sometimes your plan ends up differently than you first thought; And sometimes good things come to those who wait.  I started off back in high school with huge plans, they changed in college but still along the same goals.  Then, they changed drastically when I first met my husband.  Now I am no where near where I planned I'd be.  I am living a completely different lifestyle.  There have been times where I was a bit down in the dumps about it but I have always known, life was better this way for a reason.

Space Scouts Monthly Fun and Education for the Summer

        Having boys is so different than girls and for more than the obvious reasons.  They are rambunctious and full of energy without hyping them up on anything!  They learn differently than girls and are so much more hands on.  I've gotten very lucky though as my boys have NOT changed their likes and dislikes over the years, making my life so much easier.  I know how to encourage them to learn and what motivated them.


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