Sony Pictures Animation Gift Set Review #HGG #HolidayGiftGuide

I have yet another great DVD package to share with you all! When it comes to buying for movies for the kiddos, it's not always simple.  The little one's might have a favorite show but there are probably quite a few movies/shows they enjoy watching from time to time.  This holiday, I've got an all in one package for the kiddos making gifting easier than ever.

My #OrientalTrading Christmas Planning

Growing up, there was always one holiday I knew I could count on my family celebrating.  Christmas has always been a special holiday for my family.  Starting November 1st each year, my parents would begin the tradition of putting up 300,000+ Christmas lights on the outside of the home and some pretty insane decor inside and out.  At one point, I remember my father having to head to the store to purchase a generator to support all the electrical while doing so!


The Gift of Flowers

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If you're looking for a gift idea for someone who seems to have everything or someone who is in a hospital or nursing home and can't have a lot of gifts, then consider a bouquet of Christmas flowers.

The Secret Life of Pets DVD Review #HGG #HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway

        Who doesn't think about what our pets do during the day while we are gone?  Who hasn't wondered what our pets think about or perhaps what conversations they have when we aren't around?  I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to review the newly released movie, The Secret Life of Pets!  We knew this was one our family would all love being such a huge pet family.


Lakeside Collection My Perfect Present #HGG #HolidayGifts

        Long before I became a blogger, I discovered a brand which I absolutely loved to buy from.  I can pick out over a dozen items in my home that I still use today (purchased at least a decade ago) from the company Lakeside Collection.  When I became a blogger, this was one of those brands I just had to work with as I knew the quality and selection they had available to the everyday individual.  I truly believed in the brand before I made a career out of judging brands and products.


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