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Hapari Swimwear Review and #Giveaway

Hapari International
        Alright since I was little I've always had a thing for water.  From the second our pool was open in the spring to the minute it closed for the season, I loved to swim.  I was even on a recreational swim team in the winter month's to keep up with it.  They says it's one of the best forms of exercise you can get which is why I was always such a buff athletic girl.  At one point and time I could even bench press my own weight which I was quite proud of (lol).

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Park Review and #Giveaway

        There are very few children I have come across which do not like bouncing.  Bouncing on your bed, the couch, on a trampoline, through puddles, into the pool, and pretty much any where you can think of.  I am sure you can agree with me, you've done it too!  I also know most children love the water, especially during the summer.  Of course being in the pool is great but even beaches, lakes, splash pads, and toys like slip-n-slides or sprinkler's become irresistible to most!

Medallion Geo HALO® SleepSack® Review

        Luckily there are companies out there which truly care enough to make their products geared towards the safety of your children.  HALO is one of them!   Now I'm sure you've heard of and used the Halo Sleep Sacks before if you have children already but I want to tell you that they now offer their products at Pottery Barn Kids!  Since we've worked together several times in the past, I just knew this recent venture would be perfect for Chantel and her new twin girls!


ScoreStix Review and #Giveaway

        Not only is baseball one of our entire family's favorite sports but it is has become a way of life during the Summer for us as well.  I swear most of my family would die if someone took softball and baseball away from us.  The adults in our family play softball on a league together, we used to coach our daughters softball team a while back and now that the boys are getting old enough, they are starting to play on the T-Ball teams as well.

        Last year I was given the opportunity to work with an awesome brand on a review of the GameDay Scoreboard which was for basketball play.  Thankfully they've asked me to review another product since then that fits even more perfectly in my families lifestyle called ScoreStix.  Developed by a father, coach, and spectator, ScoreStix was created to answer the good ole question, "what's the score?".

        Now being that we play in an adult beer league and there can be some slight intoxication when playing, we are frequently asking what the score is.  When watching the kids play, we are constantly confused as to who is the home or away team too!  It was really quite excited to me to see the  ScoreStix has the teams labeled differently than your typical scoreboards (ie. Home/Away).  Teams are labeled as Us vs. Them which is both awesomely competitive and reasonably easy for all ages to understand.

        Besides keeping score, the ScoreStix helps keep track of outs and innings as well.  The scoreboard attaches to any backstop or most fences and is "completely weatherproof with powder coated steel frame and vinyl cards."  It even came with its own carrying bag!  I love the fact that this is a compact design which is easy enough to carry with us everywhere.  In fact, we now keep the ScoreStix board in our truck so we will always have it on hand!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $24.99 Basic Scoreboard 
Recommendation:  We love this!  Plain and simple - if you play or watch baseball or softball, you need to have one in your possession!  It is reasonably priced, can be personalized for your team for $10 more, and makes life easier on and off the field!!!
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Facebook:  GameDay Score Board

Giveaway:  ScoreStix is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a ScoreStix Scoreboard set of their own!
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