3 Ways To Combat Food Insecurity in the US

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                    When thinking of hunger and starvation, a picture of the commercials showcasing the children overseas who are meant to tug on your heartstrings comes to mind. Right? But how often do you consider your next-door neighbor? Or your kids' friend who maybe doesn't pack quite enough for himself at lunchtime? Food insecurity in the US is just as real as the beautiful souls you see on the tv.  It is hard thinking about this being an issue in our very own communities. You feel uncomfortable or even powerless in the face of this very real problem so close to home. Fortunately, there are very tangible ways you can help.


Why Psychological Treatment Through Virtual Simulation Is Important

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                    During the evolution of technology, digital therapy has surpassed remote mental health sessions (via video cameras). Individuals have more options available to choose if they prefer a therapeutic method that includes visual imagery.  Online mental health counseling specialists utilize imaginal scenarios combined with traditional communication.

6 Natural Ways to Use Aromatic Oils

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                    Some scented oils are versatile and have many uses for daily routines and essential items. If you’re contemplating using oil as an alternative, you should ensure that it’s safe to use. Considering they’re ready-made for additives such as natural essential oils, you may have to experiment to find your staple for regular use.


5 Renewable Energy Sources

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                    Earth harbors many different species of life. There are millions of plants and animals that have called this planet home for billions of years and many more, including humans, that will continue to reside here well into the future. Due to the longevity of the planet, people tend to treat its resources as though they are unlimited, which is far from the case. Forms of energy like oil, coal, natural gases, and nuclear power, once depleted, can't be replenished. Once consumed, these forms of energy also create gas emissions that are harmful to the atmosphere. There are however renewable resources that can be utilized to ensure that the planet remains a habitable place for its current and future occupants. Here are five sources of renewable energy that you can use today.


Top 5 Art Styles That You Should Know

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                    You'd be surprised to find that artists like Ashley Longshore know all the different types of art styles. If you're trying to pursue a career in art, you should know the following 5 common art styles. Keep reading to find out more.