StartUp Board Games Review and #Giveaway

        We have had quite the time lately getting Alana a bit more motivated to be successful in life.  She is your typical teenager and while she does seem to care a great deal about college or grades, she doesn't tend to care much until the last minute on everything.  Her room is complete chaos, she is struggling in school in some subjects, and has no idea what she wants to study with college coming up in only a year.

Longstem Organizers Review #HGG

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     I have always been a very organized person throughout most of my life.  You can even ask my mother.  Unlike most other average children, my room was always very neat, I had a savings built up before I was 15, and my schedule for the week was always very well planned out.  I honestly begin to freak out if there is chaos of any sort in my home.  It tends to make me a little crazy (okay a lot of crazy).

5 Aspects of the 21st Century Budget to Scrutinize

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Building a budget plan has been the cornerstone of maintaining personal finances for centuries. As long as there have been financial ledgers and currency trading, there have been budgets to demonstrate sustainability. In the 21st century, many aspects of the budget have been greatly altered due to technology and dependability. What was once thought of as an indulgence could be classified as a necessity. What items should you scrutinize when developing a budget for the 21st century?

TheO SmartBall Review and #Giveaway

Physical Apps
        Technology has become a huge part of my growing children's lives and honestly most children of today.  While I love the opportunities my children have that I might not have had growing up because of technology, it has hindered today's youth when it comes to keeping active.  I want to lead as an example for my children and I want them to know how important fitness is in living a long, satisfying life!


Choosing Your New Home

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Making the move to a new house is a big decision. It's more than choosing your space. You need to consider the neighborhood, the schools, your commute, and the entire atmosphere. When you purchase a home, it's a major investment and one you might have to live with for some time. Be sure to do your homework before you finally sign on the dotted line.


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