Lakeside Collection My Perfect Present #HGG #HolidayGifts

        Long before I became a blogger, I discovered a brand which I absolutely loved to buy from.  I can pick out over a dozen items in my home that I still use today (purchased at least a decade ago) from the company Lakeside Collection.  When I became a blogger, this was one of those brands I just had to work with as I knew the quality and selection they had available to the everyday individual.  I truly believed in the brand before I made a career out of judging brands and products.


How Communities Get Prepared for Emergencies

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Emergencies that can impact a community come in many forms. They can be natural disasters, like tornadoes or hurricanes. They can also be health related, like epidemics. In today’s world, they also can be terrorist related. While nobody wants to see their community threatened in any way, the best defense is always a good offense. That is why communities need to have solid emergency preparedness plans in place.

Getting Ready For Baby Part 1 - Delivery/Hospital Bag

You can easily find tons of "Hospital Bag" lists available which will tell you what companies think you need to bring to the hospital.  Some of the items on the list are definitely necessary but usually these lists are filled with items companies want you to buy that your unlikely to use or NEED.  Since this isn't my first go around, I've got a few tips for your hospital stay, a few necessities you'll want to pack, and of course some of my favorite brand extra's which will always come in handy.


A Lucky Ladybug's #HospitalBag Personal Brand Preferences and Extra's

Here are a few brands I recently discovered and a few which I fell in love with long ago.  The following just were not negotiable when it came to packing my personal delivery bag for the hospital and here's why:

Milk and Baby #NewMomMustHave Review

Being the low maintenance chick that I am, I previously recommend you bring very limited beauty supplies to the hospital as I just don't feel like it's a necessity.  I do, however, feel like every new mother wants to feel a little pretty after 9/10 months of creating a human being and all the work it takes getting them into the world.


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