(-x/y  RP 3/06) means $x off y quantity of products found in Red Plum dated 3/06
OOP- Out of Pocket
RP- Red Plum (coupon booklet found in most newspapers)
SS- Smart Shopper (coupon booklet found in most newspapers)
PG- Proctor & Gamble (coupon booklet found in most newspapers)
IP- Internet printable
Mfr - Manufacturer
ECB- CVS Extra Care Bucks
WYB- When You Buy
MIR- Mail in Rebate
x5/10- Expires on 5/10
Catalinas- Coupons that print at the register when you buy specified items
Blinkies- Coupons dispensed out of the little machines throughout the isles of a store (usually near the product)
Peelie- Coupon found on the product usually stuck to the product.

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