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I was given the lucky opportunity to sample/review three wines from a great company Flip Flop Wines.  Now by all means I am not a wine expert however, I have been a restaurant manager for quite some time which has given me the chance to learn quite about about wines.  I am also an avid wine drinker.  I frequently enjoy myself a glass of wine (or 3 hehe) with dinner and especially with my best friend.  She by the way belongs to a wine club (which isn't cheap) so I consider her to be my own personal wine expert.  Now not only are Flip Flop Wines inexpensive so that the average person can enjoy them but they are made by a company that gives back to the community.  Everyone who knows me knows I believe we need to do everything we can to protect our children and planet today so that there can be a tomorrow for everyone.  Flip Flop Wines is partnered with Soles4Souls, a non profit organization that helps put shoes on over 100,000 feet of children who aren't fortunate to have the most basic protection.  They have also supported several other charities such as Friends of the Forest, Netting Nations, & Habitat for Humanity.  Amazing.

Immediately after receiving these three wines I was thrilled, my favorite kind of wine was included - a Reisling.  My friend and I tried this one over the holiday weekend with some weekend BBQ.  It was of course chilled to approximately 26 degrees and went down as smooth as water - well a fruity water.  This reisling was very sweet and to me had the taste of being on a beach without the umbrella in my drink.  I would definately recommend this wine especially if you are not familiar with wine flavors.

The next flavor I tried was the Pinot Grigio with my mother last weekend with a mostaccoli bake we always make for an easy family dinner.  Although, she too is a wine drinker, we had two very different opinions about this one.  I felt the Pinot Grigio was very strong and bold flavor that complimented the pasta.  She felt it was almost flavorless with our pasta.  This suprised me since she doesn't usually drink white wines, she sticks to blush (and I personally think blush is weaker tasting).  The Pinot Grigio is a medium bodied wine that I would recommend if you are a fan of whites.

I would like to say I saved the best for last but for me any red wine could never compete with the taste of a white.  Pinot Noir is a great red wine for those who like it dry - not me.  I don't even care for my wine to be room temperature so I of course against its recommendation chilled this red.  I gave this one a try with my best friend last night as an after dinner snack.  I was not a fan but not because of the quality but because as I already stated I don't care for wines.  My friend thought it was great, she said it had a great aroma and was full of flavor.

Flip Flop Wines are again very affordable and can be found be found at your local Kroger priced at 2 for $10 in my area.  I will be purchasing these again on my normal grocery trip, especially the Reisling!

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