The Cup Corset Review/Giveaway

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle Cup Corset w/Adjustable Handle

    Wow, where to start...this is by far the cutest most useful product I have received to review yet (at least as far as my style goes)!  Now I will say my husband thought it was a little silly but thats only because he doesn't understand what its like to be holding a baby in one arm, holding a young childs hand with the other all while trying to carry a diaper bag, purse and anything else I want to carry to and from the car or grocery store.  I honeslty think he thought it was neat too and just didn't want to admit it (especially because the design I got was pink)!

     I received the cup corset in the black and pink breast cancer pattern.  This of course included the mommy strap which is the most helpful part of it all.  There are TONS of designs to choose from.  I can hold the cup at the same time as other items.  I can hand it to my son to hold for me easily with no spills.  And I can strap my cup to my purse or diaper bag for easy hands free carrying.  Each design is reversable to you get two designs in one purchase and can be used for hot or cold drinks.  This now works as a reusable sleeve so you are not wasting those card board coffee sleeves anymore thus becoming more eco-friendly!  The Cup Corset can also be laced tighter OR looser depending on the size cup you have so it is very versatile.

     The cup corset can be purchased at for either $10 without a strap (although I have no idea why you wouldn't want the strap unless you just want the cute reusable sleeve) or for $15 with a strap.  I would (obviously if you couldn't tell) recommend this for anyone especially mommies!  This would also make a great gift for any mom to be.

The Cup Corset has agreed to give 1 of A Lucky Ladybug's "Lucky" readers their own cup corset!

*This is my first rafflecopter giveaway so please let me know if you encounter any issues along the way!

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