Fracture Me Review and Giveaway

     These days people don't take pictures and print them out as much as we used to.  We now have digital
cameras and programs like photobucket or facebook to share everything digitally.  Plus, it doesn't cost
money to take a picture with your digital camera and to save it on your computer.  We keep up with each other my checking out the pictures and status of our friends online.

     As much as it is nice to not have to sift through boxes of photos or to even not worry about my photos being damaged over time, honestly I just hate this new process.  I feel like the memories aren't as personal anymore.  Even with the benefits of the web we have some how lost the personalization of taking family photos each year.  I barely even take my kids for their monthly/yearly photos because I know I can spend way less taking them on my own with my digital camera.  I also cannot stand spending money on tons of frames and half the time they don't all match!

     Who likes to spend a ton though on professional quality prints, canvas's or frames?!  Not me.  Fracture is a wonderful company that takes your photos and creates a beautiful picture to last forever.  "A Fracture is the new way to print and frame your personal digital photos."  Your image is completely printed on glass.  There are no sharp edges to worry about, no framing to go out and purchase, and no mounting to worry about.  Each Fracture comes complete with everything you need to display your beautiful photos!  These are also shatter proof AND lifetime guaranteed against fading or breakage.  There is no need to crop your photos either since there are three shapes available - portrait, landscape, and square.  I love how clear and crisp my Fracture is.  You can be sure this will be the first of many in my household!

Cost:  Sizes measured diagonally. 
8" - $8           10" - $12
12" - $15        14" - $25
18" - $35       Custom available as well
Available to purchase: Fracture Me
Recommendation:  Super cool for any style home!  With the low price and guarantee you can't really go wrong with these.  These would make a great gift as well for anyone!
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  1. Glad to have found your blog. I'd like to give fracture a try. Trying to enter your contest, but hasn't worked for me so far.

  2. The contest will be open at midnight tonight which is why it won't let you enter yet. Sorry rafflecopter works that way unfortunately so I can turn it on right away :(

  3. Always good to turn people on to better ways to save money and still have good quality things in their lives.

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