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     I am the type of foodie that if someone challenges me to try something they claim to be too hot to stomach, I WANT IT.  I've given myself asthma attacks trying different hot sauces.  So obviously, I am a spicy food and sauce person and I wanted to give a new brand a try which is how I discovered Insane Chicken Sauces.  They make several different varieties and levels of intenseness.
     I was sent 4 bottles to try - Clucking Hot, Choke Your Chicken, Fire Roasted Habenero, and Honey Mustard BBQ.  I usually try to rate my hot sauce on a scale 1 to 10.  1 is very mild no spice, 5 being spicy, and 10 needs a medicine dropper and the bottle should not even be touched by the weak.
     The very first night I received these I was so excited I had to try one!  After reading the descriptions and warnings, I decided to start with what I thought was the milder of the 3 hot sauces - Fire Roasted Habenero. Thankfully we had just made tortilla pie which would be perfectly complimented by my new sauce.  Boy was the description wrong if you ask me.  This was fantastically HOT!  It is very hard to find a hot sauce with a *good* flavor.  Usually others mask the flavor of the meal or overpower it but not the Fire Roasted Habenero.  My nose was running within the first couple bites but I had a lasting flavor that didn't make me run for the garden hose!  I would definitely recommend this above the other 4 if you are a fan of the HOT!  I give this a spice factor of 7 or 8 (I can't decide).
     Now with the milder recipes, I had my husband and daughter give them a taste to get another opinion as well.  My husband doesn't like anything remotely spicy and my daughter likes things a little hot.  So we barbecued chicken one night marinated in the Honey Mustard BBQ sauce.  This was great!!  The chicken was very tender and moist and had the perfect flavor combo for all of us.  The Honey Mustard BBQ does have a small kick to it when used on its own but for those who prefer a sweet BBQ its just right.  I would rate it a 3 or 4 spice factor.
     In the same night, I had my husband rub one of my piece's of chicken with the Choke Your Chicken to give mine a major kick.  I was surprised to find the sauce that had the warning label....wasn't too unbearable.  So I gave it another try with a hamburger the next evening.  My burger definitely had a kick but nothing too potent.  However, I would not recommend taking a spoonful of this sauce plain as it is very hot by itself.  I would think this sauce would go perfectly in some chili (which I will be trying the next batch I make).  I give it a 5 spice factor.
     The last hot sauce tried (and only because I didn't want to open all of them at once) was the Clucking Hot.  I mixed this sauce with a mayo and added to a grilled chicken sandwich.  Personally, I thought this sauce smelled and tasted like a hot wing sauce.  It had very good flavor and was spicy but not too over powering.  I would definitely like to try this mixed with a BBQ sauce on our next batch of boneless wings for a party or something similar.  This one is definitely a 4 spice factor. 

     All of these sauces and A LOT more can be purchase online at  Insane Chicken Sauces are also on Facebook.  The price for these actual ones are - Clucking Hot $8.95, Choke Your Chicken $5.95, Fire Roasted Habenero $6.95, and Honey Mustard BBQ $6.95.  These will be a reorder must when I run out for sure! Plus while checking out the website I discovered one I have to purchase for my husband - Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce!  These sauces are great for all sorts of uses whether you are trying to spice up a dip or chili for a party or adding some flavor to your everyday grilling adventure.  I cannot wait to try more recipes in the future.  I would not recommend these specific sauces if you are a mild and boring person.  Please check out their long list of hot sauces all ranked while shopping and enjoy!

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