Loving Pets Barksters Dog Treats and The Shed Monster Review/Giveaway

     I have tried to make a change in every part of my families life to be more healthy and green.  I never really factored in our pets at first but realistically, they are family too.  I would never exclude them from anything else so why wouldn't I try to move them into a more organic lifestyle?  They deserve to eat healthy and live long great lives too!

     Loving Pets Barksters dog treats are a completely natural biscuit for your pets.  No "crap" in my opinion, all the byproducts are terrible for your pets.  Barksters are wheat-free, gluten-free, and contain no additives or preservatives.  I've considered for the longest time just cooking up my own dog food and treats!  Now I don't have to!  My dogs loved these biscuits.  Well not that I expected them to turn up their noses because they were all natural or anything but they both gobbled them right up!   Capone my older male has always had a sensitive stomach and allergies to a lot of foods.  Everything and anything either makes him break out in hives or he throws up everything.   I experienced none of the above which is a major accomplishment in my household when introducing something new!  Our "puppy" Rayne eats anything so it came as no surprise that she enjoyed them. The Barksters can be purchased at any major pet retailer such as Petco or Petsmart and many others.  If you go yo their website store locator you can find a distribution center closest to you.  There is also additional information on the Barksters Facebook page

     Loving Pets also sent me the Shed Monster to try.  Now as you see in the pictures, both of my dogs are short hair.  That does not mean they don't shed, I actually feel like they shed more than your long fluffy dogs.  Their hair gets stuck everywhere and is hard to pick up so we brush the dogs at least once a week to minimize the amount of hair around the house.  The Shed Monster was great!  It was gentle on their skin while still pulling hair and smoothing out their coat.  The dogs really enjoyed this weeks massage with the Shed Monster!  My only complaint was that it didn't hold the hair.  I prefer to be able to brush the dogs and then to pull hair out of the brush as I move along.  Then I am more confident that the the fur is going into the trash and not every where else.  During the winter months we have to brush the dogs inside or at least in the garage and I just don't want more of a mess to pick up than I already have to.  The Shed Monster can be purchased online for $19.99.  Check out the Shed Monster on facebook too!


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