OZzzz's Childrens Sleep Aid Review

     To properly start off this story and review I must tell you somehow my husband and I were "blessed" with two children who just happen to both be in the 2 percentile of sleepers.  For the first 18 months of Danes life he slept a total of 6-7 hours including naps and night time.  Wow, let me tell you how fun that was as a first time mom!  I tried every recommendation I could find online and of my pediatrician's.  Nothing worked except time!  Declan is about the same and now we have two boys sleeping in our bed. 

     Now with Dane at 3 and a half, we have been trying again to find a solution for the little AND restless sleep.  He frequently walks/talks in his sleep, tosses and turns all night, and of course will not sleep alone in his own bed.  Not only do I want sleep myself and for everyone in my family, but I want my child to be healthy.  Its not exactly easy for him to function properly or be a healthy child when he isn't getting the proper rest time.  In doing an Internet search, I came across OZzzz's and was thrilled to have the opportunity to try them.

     OZzzz's are a chewable (tropical) tablet, each a healthy blend of Melatonin and Chamomile.  Seriously, not a couple weeks ago I had another mother friend recommend trying Melatonin to help regulate their sleep and I have always known about the soothing affect of Chamomile.  OZzzz's is not recommended for children under two so for now I can only test it with Dane (but I can be prepared for the future with Declan). 

     OZzzz's recommends not exceeding three tablets in one day and to begin with only one tablet one hour prior to bed.  To be completely honest, the one tablet did nothing for Dane.  So the next evening I tried two (crushed in his juice).  He fell asleep quite quickly and was pretty well out which puts this over the counter drug ahead of the rest in our household!  I will say he still woke up about half way through the night but I think that could be because we attempted to put him in his own bed.  We have been since then been giving him two per night most evenings and I have noticed a difference in his level of sleep.  He is sleeping much more soundly.  We do still have some confused conversations in the middle of the night here and there and we have to make sure we make a trip to the bathroom before bed as normal so we don't have any accidents in the confusion.

     OZzzz's can be purchased online starting at $9.95 a bottle but the more bottles you buy the more discount you get.  Also, if you purchase OZzzz's on their facebook page you can receive free shipping.  There is a lot of great info for us uninformed or desperate parents with children with possible sleep disorders, especially since its harder to diagnose a child with a sleep disorder than in adults.  Definitely a great product for us sleepy parents! :)


  1. I came across your story as I was searching for a sleep aid for my daughter, she is 3 and a half and has never slept through the night, she seems to be getting worse and now we have a new addition, another baby girl who sleeps better than my oldest daughter. me and my husband believes that she may have sleep insomnia because my husband does too, and he says he sees all the signs but our doctor just says she will grow out of this sleep behavior, but i dont think i can wait till then if it will even happen. I get maybe 4 hours of sleep at night and she doesn't even take a nap during the day, i can't even beg her too. i also belive it effects her eating habbits, she barely eats and when she does its only like chicken nuggets or lunchables, which her doctor said something about that, just put the food that you want her to eat in front of her, she will eventually get hungry and eat it, but not really because my daughter is able to get things out of the fridge. after reading your story i decided to try OZzzz's sleep aid, so thank you for your story.


  2. Hello. I realize that your article is a few years old but I just wanted to ask you a question.

    My son will be 2 in a month. He has never slept all night. I read about the medication and how it shouldn't be given to under two year olds, however I'm thinking that because my son is so big (the size of the average 3 year old! EEk! lol) I should be fine to give it to him, one month early. I havent even ordered it yet so It may not even get here before his birthday.

    Anyway, my question is does it seem like a habit forming thing to your child? They say that it isn't but I worry that my litte two year old will become addicted to a sleep aid! However at this point, something has to happen.. It's currently 3:20AM where I live and I haven't been to sleep yet! =(

    1. NO absolutely not!! I don't even use it all the time now because I can tell when they really need it verse the days they are wiped out. Melatonin is actually a natural ingredient in a lot of vitamins and is something we naturally produce ourselves. I know what you mean about being afraid it is habit forming and honestly this is nothing like giving them benadryl to keep them tired at night. This has been a miracle for us! And to be honest some nights it really does nothing becuase the kids are so hyped up but it truly works and I can see a difference in their personalities after a good nights rest! You just missed the giveaway but we have a coupon code I am about to put up 'LADYBUG' at checkout for free shipping right now!

  3. This stuff is a life saver!!!


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