Silvermark Ceramic Knife Review

     Being that I come from quite a long restaurant management background, I consider myself to be a self starter in the kitchen.  I love to cook, grill, bake anything and especially from scratch with the freshest and healthiest ingredients I can find.  I have always tried to have the newest gadgets and top of the line utensils in my kitchen.  Silvermark makes me feel this way.

new andnotable
     Silvermark was created by a stay at home mother like myself.  She was really just trying to mimik a salad she had previously had in a restaurant.  I believe if "they" can make it, you and I can make it, but better!  Wendy Silver (owner and creator of Silvermark) is responsible for the Toss & Chop and along the way has added several high quality products for your kitchen.

3" & 6" 2-Piece Ceramic Knife Set
     I was given the awesome opportunity to try out a set of Silvermarks ceramic knives.  If you've ever been a chef, worked in a kitchen, or frequently cook at home even you know that your average stainless steel knife can dull pretty quickly.  Ceramic knives can stay sharper about ten times longer!

     Not only are these some gorgeous looking knives but they clean up extremely easy without having that "used" look.  So far I have used mine to cut up lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cooked chicken, and cooked sausage.  Everything cut smoothly with out breaking or mashing!  These also came with a nice protective shealth.

Cost:  3" & 4" 2-Piece Ceramic Knife Set $25.00
Available to purchase: Silvermark
Recommendation:  If you cook or grill - buy it!  Worth the money if you will use it!

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