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     We are going into the football/fall weather season and I am always trying to layer up so I don't have to wear a coat.  Not only do I hate wearing a coat, I hate carrying a coat around.  The problem I have with layering my clothes is I feel really self conscious about my size.  I am not a tiny girl by all means and when I add even 2 shirts together I feel like it makes me look a little bigger than I would like to look.  The same goes for summer when I try to wear two tanks.  Besides looking a little "thicker" I have now made myself warmer by trying to cover up to look more age appropriate.  So when I discovered Halftee needless to say I was pretty psyched to give them a try.

     I decided to go with the 3/4 length halftee for my first go around since we are going into fall weather here in Michigan.  When my Halftee first arrived, the first thing I noticed was how amazingly soft the material was!  Wow, softer than most of the baby blankets I use for my children!  Halftee is made from 48% Cotton, 48% Modal, and 4% Spandex.  This shirt is great to wear under my favorite baby tees or sports jersey's.  These give you extra coverage while in my opinion making you look thinner.  I felt so much more comfortable wearing my Halftee and oh so cute!

     Halftee's are created by a mother and woman like many of us just looking for that extra coverage without having to manage two shirts at the same time.  My Halftee can be purchased in five colors - white, black, brown, pink, and cream (others have red and grey as an option).  Halftee also comes in long sleeve, boyfriend length, tank, and basic styles.  You can purchase your Halftee for your little girls, in maternity sizes, Body line, or of course the original.

Cost: $24.99 3/4 Length Sleeves
Available to purchase: Halftee
Recommendation:  I love mine and I'm sure you will love yours too if you got one.  Although I do think these are a little pricey the material is great and very comfortable.  I think I would purchase more if they were slightly cheaper.
Exclusive Discount: Enter code ALUCKYLADYBUG at checkout to receive a 10% off any purchase made from 9/21-9/28
Facebook: Halftee
Twitter: @Halftee

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