Manna Organics Bread Review and Giveaway

     I have always considered myself to be a bread lover.  In fact I am pretty sure that's why I cannot lose the extra weight because I am not willing to give up breads.  Well in trying to lose weight and get healthier I thought it would be a great idea to give some other types of bread a try.  I came across Manna Organics while looking for an organic bread company.

     Manna Organics Bread is a cake-like, 100% sprouted whole grain bread.  It is yeast free, organic bread also free of salt, oils, sweeteners, and leavening agents.  This bread is high in fiber and protein.  I was given 4 loaves to give a try - Sunny Sourdough Bread, Multigrain Flax Sourdough Bread, Banana Walnut Hemp Sprouted Bread, and Carrot Raisin Sprouted Bread.

     Unfortunately I have to say this is the very first time I have truly disliked a bread.  I hate saying that because Manna Organics IS a great company but as a reviewer I owe it to my readers to be honest about my experiences.  The Banana Walnut Hemp Sprouted Bread was the first one we tried immediately after receiving the breads.  Myself, Alana, and Dane were terribly disappointed with how grainy and chewy it was.  I guess this opinion comes from never having tried a hemp bread as my mother told me I should have expected that taste.  In fact she was happy with the banana bread.  Second, both of the sourdoughs were just too dry for me.  When I added butter and toasted the slices it was a little better but still not quite to my taste.  And finally, the best for last was the Carrot Raisin Sprouted Bread.  This was by far the best of the four breads to me.  It was very moist, although still a little thick and chewy, the raisins made it very sweet.  When toasted and butter this made for a great after dinner snack or for a quick breakfast side.

Cost: $27.20/case of 8 loaves- Sprouted Breads
        $21.00/case of 7 loaves - Sourdough Presliced Breads
Available to purchase: Manna Organics
Recommendation:  Unfortunately, I would not purchase any of these again.  They just weren't to my taste although they will not go to waste since I will figure out a way to incorporate them into a recipe somehow.
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Twitter: @MannaOrganics


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  3. Thank you! I try to let everyone know as much as I can (personally) so its as if you tried it yourself. I don't like to be just stating the same boring info you can get off their site!

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