Molly Mutt Clean Line Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Review

     So we are big animal lovers in my household! I barely trust my dogs to stay with anyone but family. this includes the way I feel about grooming them. There is only one person who will ever touch my dogs and its Jenny (a friend from highschool) at Petco otherwise they are getting bathed at the house in the summer and in the shower during the winter. If I am cleaning them at home I don't want to use any harsh chemicals on them as I wouldn't do use them on my children either! I've been looking into more natural remedies and dog care products which is how I discovered Molly Mutt.
your hand in mine dog duvet     Molly Mutt is a great company with some great ideas they try to share and help others with. On one of their pages there is a quote at the bottom that says, "Use your new dof or cat duvet to keep old blankets, pillows, & clothes out of landfills". What a great idea! Why throw away rags or tattered blankets when you could use them for your pets to sleep on. Besides dog beds Molly Mutt has created an entire line of certified natural dog care products using essential oils and recycled bottles for packaging. Their "Clean Line" is free of sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances. I recieved the Wash Dog Shampoo and Soft Dog Coat Conditioner.

     Now as you see in the pictures, both of my dogs are short hair - one with a softer coat and the other more coarse. I was curious if the I was also sent the Soft Dog Coat Conditioner would really work as a "real" conditioner or just smell good and really how clean would the natural Wash Dog Shampoo actually get my dirty dogs?! Plus Capone has very sensitive skin so would these be gentle enough for him or would I have to rewash him in a couple days after watching him itch and breakout in hives?

      Your answer (or really mine), Capone handled the shampoo just fine! No itching or skin irritation and both smelled much better. Although I will say the smell was much more natural and not very powerful. They still smelled like dogs but clean dogs if that makes any sense. I mean that in a good way because as great as they smell with the "other" soaps it doesn't last long and really only masks their natural smell in an unsafe way. The Soft Dog Coat Conditioner made Rayne's already soft coat much softer and shinier! I think Capone is too coarse to really make a difference but after the bath the both were glowing!
Cost: $9.00 Wash Dog Shampoo
         $12.00 Soft Dog Coat Conditioner
Available to purchase: Molly Mutt
Recommendation: This is a really good company that is headed in a great direction. I wish I had gotten the dog bed duvet to try because I think that idea is the best ever! I will be purchasing from Molly Mutt again. Their prices are very reasonable and their Why or About section explains the importance of the three R's
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Twitter: @MollyMutt

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