Tooth Tissues Dental Wipes Review and Giveaway

     Everyone knows we have an obligation as parents to take care of our children's health from the very beginning.  This includes their teeth from the very minute one pops out of the gums.  What some parents don't realize or I guess even think about it that they already have their adult teeth behind the baby teeth.  So even though we may think their only baby teeth and they'll be gone soon, that isn't quite true.  The health of the baby teeth determines the health of the adult teeth when they come in several years later.  Now coming from a family in dentristry, I already knew that but that doesn't mean I don't need a friendly little reminder every once in a while. 

     Dane and I brush our teeth together all the time, but I frequently forget Declan has teeth too.  Ten to be exact and they need the same attention. But lets be honest brushing an infants teeth is not exactly an easy task.  It can be quite messy and even quite the fight.  Declan really just wants to chew on the tooth brush and spit everything else out.  So when I heard about Tooth Tissues, I thought "its worth a shot!"  Tooth Tissues are a disposable textured dental wipes designed to help remove plaque from your toddler’s teeth and gums.  These are all natural, fluoride-free and paraben-free so you don't have to be concerned about it entering your baby's mouth.

     Ok so I first handed the pack to the "family dentist" and asked them what they thought.  Said dentist said they seemed like a good concept and to give them a try.  Still a little weary of Tooth Tissues and their effectiveness I gave them a try with Declan.  They appear to work the way you would think by just gently wiping their teeth.  I'm honestly not a huge fan of sticking a cloth in my son's mouth because he already sticks everything in there so I feel like I am just encouraging him.  Plus, Declan thinks that paper (especially coupons, ha) and tissue is like the greatest thing in the world to eat.  So again I don't want him to think this behavior is ok.  If I had a child though that fell asleep with the bottle in his mouth (mouth full of milk), I would insist on the use of a product such as these.  Bottle decay happens so easily and I would want to take every precaution to prevent any type of build up.

Cost: $6.99 for a pouch
Available to purchase: Tooth Tissues
Recommendation:  Eh, again I'm not convince for the kids because they don't sleep with bottles but maybe for yourself even between brushings.  It would be handy to have a pack in your purse or car.
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