Wholesale Costume Club Boys Scream Bleeding Ghost Face Costume Review

Wholesale Costume Club
     Well, if you know anything about myself or my husband, you know we are die hard Halloween freaks.  This is by far my favorite holiday for more reasons than I can count.  We start decorating Labor Day weekend since we have so many boxes of decorations.  We even leave up half of our "appropriate" decorations most of the year.  We throw a lil' party for the lil' ones and a big party for the adults each year.  Our decorations get more extreme each year as does our menus for each of the parties and Halloween.  Because we are always on the lookout for new or different props, decorations, and costumes, we recently started looking online throughout the rest of the year.  In doing so we came across the great site Wholesale Costume Club.

     Wholesale Costume Club if you choose is $5 a year for discounted everything on their site.  Of course you don't have to be a member to buy or even until you decide to buy.  These are some of the best prices I've seen on costumes (most over 50% off retail pricing)!  Most are under $50 and even a bunch are under $35.  I even was able to find several costumes that I couldn't find at most other retail stores in my area.  One being the Zombie Housewife which I fell in love with and am definitely going with for this Halloween season.  I did, however, promise Dane he could pick his costume first from the boys Halloween costume section.  I love that Wholesale Costume Club has tons of costumes for kids to choose from.

      He chose the Boys Scream Bleeding Ghost Face.  I'm actually confused and surprised that a three year old would pick this costume but he has fallen in love with it.  We had to try it on as soon as it came in the mail.  Honestly we've been running around in it ever since asking if today is Halloween yet!  It comes with everything you need for the full scary movie effect!  There is tubing connected to a "bleeding" heart which you can pump the blood through the mask with.  You can even add special affects by adding water with food coloring in the color of your choice.  The costume it great!  It fit him perfectly and honest to god doesn't seem to be cheaply made like a lot of costumes you tend to buy. 

Cost: $24.96 Member Price $27.98 Non-Member Price
Available to purchase:  Wholesale Costume Club
Recommendation:  If you are even remotely a Halloween fan I recommend at least giving them a looksy.  I will bet you find something if not several items and like I said before the prices are fantastic especially compared to retail stores!
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Twitter: @CostumeClub

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