Giant Microbes Paramecium Review and Giveaway

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     I am always looking for creative ways to teach Dane new information.  We try our own home schooling lessons but trying to keep his attention is not easy.  He is very intelligent and catches on quickly but on his own schedule.  If I can use a favorite toy to help make my job a little easier, then I'm all about buying it in a surplus.  Giant Microbes is by far one of the neatest ways to teach kids.
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     Giant Microbes are enlarged microbes or micro-organisms (a million times their actual size to be exact) turned into stuffed animals which show children what different bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, protists, microscopic plants and animals would look like.  These are also for teens and adults for learning or can make a great humorous gift!  We are always telling Dane he has to brush his teeth to get rid of the sugar bugs (plaque), to wash his hands frequently, or to cover his mouth when coughing because of germs.  He is always asking what these are, and of course why can't he see them.  Well now he can. 

     Actually when my paramecium first arrived, I went to describe to the kids what it was and I said, "Look at our new paramecium (pronounce para-me-chum)".  My daughter Alana quickly corrected me, "Paramecium (pronounce para-me-see-um) MOM.  It is a single cell organism!".  We forget how quickly we lose some of the information we once learned in school LONG ago.  Little did I know that I would get a lesson as well as my daughter is learning about similar subjects.  She was very excited to take this to school to show her science teacher.  So now even though there is such a big age gap in my children, I actually accomplished getting something for both of them!  Oh and Declan likes to chew on it as well!

     You can find just about any organism to teach your kids about.   My paramecium was about 6-7" tall so I would assume most are about that size but I noticed they can vary based on the microbe.  Giant Microbes also carries other cool merchandise such as shirts, soap dispensers, hats , tattoos and neck ties. 

Cost: $9.95 Paramecium
Available to purchase: Giant Microbes
Recommendation:  I think these are adorable and I can't even decide yet what my next one will be!  I suppose they are not too expensive although I'd like to see a package deal so I could get a ton of them to teach about or maybe for teachers to use in the classroom.
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