Planet Earth Essential Oils Floral Bloom Solid Perfume Review and Giveaway

     Ever since my first pregnancy and pre-pregnancy class, I have been a huge fan and advocate of
essential oils.  I have even made a few of my own from home for the aromas and for cleaning.  To be
honest though, I am cheap!  I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the essential oils.  Therefore, I am
always searching online for new places to purchase these at reasonable prices.

     When I was first told I would have the opportunity to review an essential oil from Planet Earth, I was so excited that I must have misread the email.  When my package first arrived, I was surprised to have a Organic Floral Bloom Solid Perfume in a different form than I have ever seen.  This was an almost gel or waxy like solid which I was unfamiliar with and had never used before.

     I was at first very hesitant to use this because I was afraid it would leave a greasy film on my skin or make me break out.  I was wrong though.  After applying to different pressure points it seemed to sink into the skin with out a film.  I didn't notice any breakouts or skin irritation which I have told you all before I am prone to.  My only complaint in that when compared to the liquid version, I felt it was noticably less potent.

Cost:  $40 Floral Bloom Solid Perfume
Available to purchase: Planet Earth Essential Oils
Recommendation:  This product was a little too expensive for my taste but for the price of most of the items this is a great site to check out.  All the products are natural and organic!


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  2. Thank you for your review of Planet Earth Essential Oils Floral Bloom Solid Perfume. I have tried only one solid perfume & I was disappointed. However it was not from Planet Earth Essential Oils. I may have to give the Solid Perfume another try.


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