Ayala Herbal Water Review and Giveaway

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     Going through all this dieting lately to just try to get back to a healthy and normal body weight/shape I have been forced to not only drink more water and less of the bad things but to try new things.  One of my most recent experiments is the Ayala Herbal Water line of products.  These were suggested to me by a friend so I thought what the heck they are worth a shot.

     Well, this line of water has some pretty funky sounding flavors to offer that I've never seen before
which is why I was a little hesitant to give these a try at first.  These include Ginger lemon peel,
Lemongrass mint vanilla, Lavender mint, Lemon verbena geranium, Cloves cardamom cinnamon,  and
Cinnamon orange peel.  You all know how honest I am and I have a hard time not being extremely blunt
with my opinion and reviews.  These all sounded disgusting to me and I was honestly afraid to try them. 
This past weekend I had another family over for a get together and we decided to make it a group

     Each and every one had an amazing smell when you first opened each of the bottles but the tastes
were not as near as strong.  We were afraid that because of the smell the flavors might be over
powering and that wasn't quite the case.  They each had a hint of flavor making the water like any other
flavored water (but with a twist).  The favorite of the group was the cinnamon orange peel and the least
favorite was the lemon verbena geranium.  I would definitely recommend chilling your water before
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     Ayala Herbal Water is free of artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients as well as zero
calories  and zero preservatives.  "Ayala Herbal Water is the first nationally available organically
certified enhanced flavored water made with all organic ingredients infused with the finest natural
herbs from around the world.  Herbs contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, and other nutrients,
and many studies suggest that herbs possess healing and relaxing properties."

Cost:  $24 Case/12 Bottles
Available to purchase:  Ayala Herbal Water
Recommendation: At $2/bottle I would be buying these again because of how picky I am.  If you grab
up some coupons or find these on sale then they are worth a try especially if you are feeling
Facebook:  Ayala Herbal Water 
Twitter:  @HerbalWater


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