Wednesday Hawkshead Sticky Toffee Sauce Review

     I used to be a Training Restaurant General Manager so I consider myself to be quite the foodie.  I am always updating my kitchen and trying out the newest gadgets I can find or cooking up my own creations.  I love being that contact for my friends, family, and followers when they are looking into anything kitchen.  I had the most difficult time deciding what to get from this company.  I could have honestly bought half the site with how much I love to cook (and eat)!  This is a website you can spend hours on (believe me I have).  ChefShop is more than just a local store that you can purchase ingredients and foods from, they also provide recipes made from their products and tested by their chefs.  If you can imagine it, they have found it and can bring it to you in the best form possible.  They also offer cooking classes if you live in or are ever in the Seattle area.
     I had the opportunity to review the sticky toffee sauce.  Now there are of course recipe suggestions to go along with the sauce but within the first 24 hours of receiving this jar we just had to heat it up and pour over ice cream.  A-MA-ZING!!!  Wow, my mouth is just watering talking about this creamy goodness!  Both kids loved it as well and so now I am going to have to get at least one more jar since I didn't have the opportunity to bake anything with it.

     " offers a seasonal selection of the very best artisan-produced foods and fresh products from around the world.  The majority of the products are handmade using pure, natural ingredients, and traditional, often centuries-old, techniques and recipes.  We have been supporting small family owned and artisan food producers who both preserve old and create new traditions, since 1997.  At ChefShop, we live by the purity and freshness of our ingredients.  we care about sustaining small purveyors by bringing their hand-crafted, hand-grown products to market.  When you buy from, you are getting the purest foods made by family producers whom we’ve individually selected for the quality of their ingredients and their adherence to tradition. It’s mouth-watering food born from passion and commitment. "

Cost:  $13.59 Hawkshead Sticky Toffee Sauce
Available to purchase:  Chef Shop
Recommendation: You'd be crazy not to go shopping around for something to cook with or even just for entertaining guests.  I wish I had gotten more items to review!  Most of the products are pricey but you are getting honestly getting fresh, rare, or amazing quality foods.
Facebook:  ChefShop
Twitter:  @ChefShop

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