Fresh Baby Bowl and Divider Dish Review and Giveaway

Fresh Baby
     So I don't like to keep anything disposable in my house that I really don't have to.  That means paper plates, napkins, paper towels, plastic or paper cups, etc.  Kids are messy so it is difficult to use anything ceramic or breakable in general but I much more prefer to use reusable plastic plates and towels to clean my children instead of wipes.  I also hated even buying the smallest amount of baby food when I knew I could make it on my own and it was healthier AND cheaper.  Fresh Baby is a site promoting healthy steps to prevent the dangerous child obesity epidemic. 

     I was given the opportunity to review two items - Homemade with Love Baby Bowl and Homemade with Love Divided Dish.  Both are double bodied for not only easy cleaning but to keep food warm or cooler longer.  This double layer also separates for easy cleaning in your (top shelf) dishwasher.  Both come with lids and the divided dish has a snap lock on lid making spillage a thought of the past.  There is an easy divider that slides in the divider dish to keep food separate if you have one of those picky eaters.  I have been using my dishes for travel with snacks or if I know I am taking the kids to a restaurant where they won't like anything on the menu.  Both seem to hold up pretty well when tossed around and I have yet to see a spill mess.  My only complain is I wish the interior was man of something that I could microwave but oh well!

     Fresh Baby also select a fruit or veggie each month to profile. In which you can read about the health benefits, meal ideas, fun facts, activities and links .  There is also a healthy eating habit tips section that provides you with information that will be helpful in raising a healthy eater.  These include breastfeeding tips, first solid foods, baby food benefits and recipes, and foods to keep babies away from and why.  Fresh Baby also provides all sorts of facts on child obesity.  I especially love their Kid's Portion Plate which helps teach what an actual portion size should be for your children.

Cost:  $9.95 Homemade with Love Baby Bowl
         $12.95 Homemade with Love Divided Dish
Available to purchase:  Fresh Baby
Recommendation:  These are cute reusable products to feed your kids and to help educate them on the importance of healthy eating and portion sizes.  I don't think they are too unreasonably priced although I usually buy the cheap plastic plates and bowls.
Facebook:  Fresh Baby
Twitter: @FreshBabyBiz


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