Improv Electronics Boogie Board Writing Tablet Review and Giveaway

Improv Electronics

     You all know by now I am an Eco-friendly freak unfortunately my mother is absolutely not.  Her and my father barely recycle ANYTHING.  My mom is a sticky note freak, she uses them religiously.  What a waste!  They are all over her house and office but I have discovered a solution - Boogie Board!!
Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

     Now, when I first heard the name Boogie Board I had assumed this was something totally different.  Boogie Board is an 8.5" LCD screen with a 3v battery that provides over 50,000 erase cycles or "20 erases per day for 6 years!"  This is also made completely from plastic and is shatter proof.  You can also get a Boogie Board in either a 10.5" size or in an 8.5" writing tablet that fits into a binder as well.  There is also a new Boogie Board Rip version that saves written info for future use.

     As soon as we received the Boogie Board from ImprovElectronics, Dane made me open it and wouldn't give it back for anything.  This is not only a great tool for those of us who like to jot down short notes but for the kiddos who like to scribble on every sheet of paper.  OR if your like me, I keep a daily food journal and at the end of each day I transfer it to the computer.  This works perfectly for just about any quick use.

Cost:  $39.95
Available to purchase:  Improv Electronics
Recommendation: This is super awesome at a great price and will save you money in the long run regardless of how much it costs.  This would make a great gift for just about anyone!
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Twitter:  @Improv_Electron

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