Fagor Pressure Cooker Review


     I love to cook.  That should be fairly obvious at this point in our blogging relationship.  I love to eat as well especially when it is something coming out of a crock pot.  I do love to cook from scratch but who doesn't love the ease of throwing your ingredients together in 5 minutes and ending up with a gourmet meal!? 
     What I hate is that it takes forever to get that amazing quality and all the meanwhile you are stuck smelling it throughout your house all day.  I recently discovered a pressure cooker and all its amazing qualities.  Fagor generously allowed me the great opportunity to review one of theirs.  I really could not wait to get my hands on this and Fagor honestly couldn't send it fast enough.  The day it arrived I opened it and began reading recipes and directions.
     This pressure cooker (to me) was like a mini version of my crock pot on steroids.  The quality of cooking is almost as if the food was left to slow cook all day, melt in your mouth moist and falling apart.  Take the quality of a slow cooker and add the power of crack and you have a pressure cooker.  The chicken meal we made went from partially frozen state to the "I slaved all day on this meal" taste in under 15 minutes tops.  I even cooked rice along with it as well! 
     My only complaint is that no matter how many times I read the instructions AND the troubleshooting guide, I could not get the cooker to build up any actual pressure.  It just wouldn't seal correctly for me and count down from the set cook time.  But then I let my husband get a hold of it and it locked and pressurized perfectly the first try!  Obviously, I was having an off couple days.

Cost:  $99 Average price
Available to purchase:  Fagor Store Locator  (just about any major retailer)
Recommendation:  Get one!  Fagor has all sorts of high quality appliances for the everyday home and all at reasonable prices.  This cooker is great especially for those days you don't feel like cooking, don't have the money to go out, and haven't pulled a thing from your freezer!
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