GreenSmart Mandrill Laptop Backpack Review and Giveaway

     Even before I became a blogger, I would have a difficult time separating myself from the computer.  As soon as I purchased my first laptop it came everywhere with me and quite frankly never had a real "home".  Because of this my laptops have always taken a real beating.  I have even spent quite a bit of money on nice brief cases or sleeves to protect each one.  But for some reason they either haven't worked as promised or just haven't worked well for me.

     I have to say I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review one of the products by GreenSmart.  The biggest reason not even being that I'd get to try a new way to travel with my laptop but because this is a way cool company.  They choose to use "eco-friendly materials and socially responsible labor" to design and create each of their bags.

     I chose the Mandrill Laptop Backpack to review since it really seemed to fit my style!  Since one of my major complaints is lugging around all sorts of heavy stuff after having kids, the Airmesh padded back and shoulder straps sounded absolutely premium!  There is also an exterior cording for easy transport of my childrens shoes, jackets, or hats.  And the best part is that there are two separate padded compartments for keeping my laptop safe and still storing other things electronic and not.

     "The fabric in this product, both the exterior and interior, are derived from 100% post consumer
recycled plastic bottles. This process is the end point for the process which begins with the collection of bottles, which become ground up, washed to become fiber, spun into yarn and woven into our fabrics. The overall process also uses less energy than making polyester out of virgin chemicals."  Can you say awesome since we know there are billions of plastic water bottles polluting our earth and landfills!?

Cost:  $74.95 Mandrill Laptop Backpack
Available to purchase:  GreenSmart
Recommendation:  I don't know...on one hand I have fallen completely in love with this bag and would recommend it to everyone and anyone.  But on the other it is really expensive for a backpack and I could never see myself spending that kind of money on something like this.  I guess you get what you pay for and the quality GreenSmart provides is totally worth every penny.
Facebook: GreenSmart
Twitter: @BeGreenSmart
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Giveaway:  GreenSmart is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a back pack
of their own!  

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