Ozeri Tungsten Ring Review


     One thing my husband and I didn't do when we first got together was follow the traditional steps.  We were married within 6 months of dating which also means our initial wedding wasn't really a wedding at all.  It was very rushed and unplanned at the court house in Georgia where we were living at the time.  I am not one to regret anything from my past but this would be one of those things I wish we could do over.  There was no proposal, we just knew we were in love and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  Plus Kevin had already been married and had the beautiful Alana, so it just was easier to make it quick even though we had a real wedding ceremony a year later.

Tungsten Carbide 8 mm (5/16 in) Comfort Fit Flat Wedding Band Ring w/ Black Brushed Center & Silver Beveled Edge, Size 8.5

     My whole point in telling you this is that we didn't really shop around for wedding rings.  We both had an idea of what we wanted and just went and got the closest (and cheapest) ones we could find.  We have now been married for almost six years and I am ready for something new.  Luckily timing has yet again been on my side as Ozeri asked me to complete a review of their newest product the Ozeri Tungsten Ring, in Black.  Our anniversary is in the beginning of April and we have decided to upgrade our rings. 

     Kevin was so excited to get the ring that the minute it came, he opened the box put it on and forgot to tell me it had even come in the mail.  Perceptive me didn't even notice he had changed over to it for a whole week.  Once I did, it was impossible not to notice it every time I passed by him.  This ring has such a sleek elegant look to it and wow there is definitely a difference in weight.  This is not your average ring, it really is heavy duty.  I feel as though we don't have to worry about it bending or scratching easily as compared to say his white gold one.

Cost:  $25
Available to purchase:  Amazon
Recommendation: This is a phenomenal purchase at this price for something so nice and definitely a company worth checking out other products from as they are exceptional quality (compared to what I've seen elsewhere).  This would make a great gift for anyone!

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