Smart Silk Pillow Review and Giveaway


     Everyone sleeps right!?  But everyone sleeps differently.  Sleep is an essential part of all living creatures and each of us want to make sure we are sleeping comfortably and safely.  There are so many things to consider about our bedding and how it affects us.  We of course want to be comfortable but we also need to be aware some other issues such as bed bugs, allergies, or head/neck injuries.

     Smart Silk owners are allergy sufferers just like the 50 million others in the world.  They have taken the time to research and create luxury bedding made from pure silk inside all of their products.  "SmartSilk™ products are naturally cool and inhospitable to dust mites as well as mold and mildew resistant. The SmartSilk™ Bedding Collection (Mattress Pad, Duvet / Comforter, Pillow, Pillow Protector, and Complete Bed Set) provides a barrier and actually repels allergens, dust mites, and pet dander."

     This was such an interesting review to complete because of my family's history of allergies, asthma, and just plain pickiness.  I suffer from both asthma and allergies and I am the pickiest of all when it comes to my bedding and pillows.  I though the SmartSilk™ was very flat and uncomfortable to sleep on, so it just didn't last long for me.  Although I will say, I noticed I sweat way less throughout the nights I slept on my Smart Silk pillow.  Kevin is more of a 'middle of the road' guy.  He has zero allergy associated health issues and thought the pillow was perfectly comfortable.  He is still using his every night.  Once I discovered I was not a fan of it, I gave my pillow to my daughter, Alana, who suffers from severe allergies and migraines.  Since then, she is in love and has completely switched out all of her pillows.  She has said this is the most comfortable she has felt and feels as though she is experiencing less allergy/migraine symptoms.
Inside Fill

Cost:  $70 King Size 
Available to purchase:  Smart Silk
Recommendation:  My recomendation is different depending on who you are...if you are like me, I would not waste the money.  If you're like my husband it might be worth it at a little cheaper price since he doesn't suffer from allergies.  And if you are like my daughter and your allergies are severe or sleep is bad, seventy bucks is pocket change for such a good nights rest and days to follow.
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Twitter: @SmartSilk
Giveaway:  SmartSilk is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a set of pillows of their own!

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  1. These pillows look amazing. My problem right now is my pillows. I've tried all different kinds and haven't found one that works yet. I'd love to try these! jody h

  2. waking up in the middle of the night with neck pains

  3. My Pillow is too flat!


  4. My problem is neck and back pain and also allergies. I would love to try these pillows out! Thanks for the chance.

  5. I think the pillows we have at the house now make me sneeze...hopefully, Smart Silk will fix that!

    Elena V

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  7. my pillows just don't give enough support

  8. My neck ends up hurting sometimes from not having a good pillow

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  10. my problem is neck and shoulder pain when I wake up

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  12. My pillows are either too flat or too fluffy.. nothing is comfortable!!
    amyldalrymple (at)

  13. I wake up a lot in the night because of neck pain. I know that my pillows suck

  14. My pillows always get "smushed" and I feel like my head is falling into a hole.

  15. I shared on facebook and google +1..Marti Parks

  16. "Silk filled all natural breathable bedding wicks away body moisture reducing the effects of nightsweats"


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