Spring Craft - "Green" Seed Starters

So I have a new creative little spring craft for everyone!
This is a great ways to recycle!

First is my eggshell planters (instead of those silly store bought ones):
As you are cracking your eggs to cook them, attempt to crack them as whole as possible and towards the top (skinnier) end.
Next rinse them out and fill them with dirt.
Poke a hole in the center with your finger.

Drop some seeds into the hole and cover them with dirt.
Place them back in your empty (half) egg carton and place in an area where it will get good sunlight.
(I took a push pin as well and poked a couple holes in the bottom for drainage.)

Water as dirt seems dry and wait for your seeds to grow!
*Once you are ready to replant all you need to do is crack your egg and stick the entire plant and seed starter (eggshell) into the dirt.


  1. Very cute! This is a fun idea! Especially when our eggs go past their expiration (but aren't rotten).

  2. This is an awesome idea. We started some from seeds last year in the egg carton but this would make it a lot easier to transplant. I'll have to remember this in the beginning of next year!


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