Patrick Haller Tattoo Artist at Eternal Ink Tattoos in Eastpointe MI Review

     As always, I love going places others wont as far as discussions or debating.  In saying that this may not be one of those reviews you really want to read if you feel strongly against the topic of body art.

     As many of you already know, I have spent the last month working on completing an extremely large tattoo along my side.  I have wanted another tattoo since the last time I walked out of the shop after my last one.  Now several years having children I wanted to intertwine my love for tattoos with my love for my children.  I have always said I would never put another persons name on my body - I just don't agree with that.  But then I had my boys and my feelings changed a bit.  Adding their names wouldn't be labeling myself as someones property but felt to me as if they are always with me.
     Of course my first choice for a tattoo parlor was the place I had my first one done at 17 years old - Eternal Tattoo in Eastpointe, MI.  If you live any where in the Metro Detroit area, I'm sure you know of Eternal Tattoos.  Their reputation supersedes them on all levels.  They currently have 5 locations throughout Michigan.  Eternal Tattoo in Eastpointe is a very discrete location where each room is private.  Everything throughout the shop is clean and organized but still has an awesome artistic feel to it.  Depending on your needs they perform all services you would expect at honest prices.  These may not be the cheapest but remember you get what you pay for.  As rare as this for you to hear from my mouth, a tattoo isn't exactly something I'd want at a discounted price. 

     Besides the artistic skill of a good tattoo artist playing an important role in deciding where to go, there are several other factors you need to consider - Health/Safety procedures, Location, and Overall Environment/aura of the shop and artists who work there. All of the guys and girls at Eternal Tattoo have some pretty spectacular personalities. I have been in and out of A LOT Of tattoo parlors - ones where I didn't feel welcome or safe. I've even had to leave a few because of the way I felt I didn't belong and my business wasn't wanted. This has NEVER been the case at Eternal no matter who has been there. 
     I personally have now had 1 small tattoo done by Marshall Bennett (who is now the head of the shop), another fairly large detailed tattoo completed by Matt (who is now with a different shop), and finally by far the most talented in my opinion Patrick Haller.  Patrick happened to be the first artist to greet me on this particular trip and boy am I glad. This guy and I really clicked from his ability to read exactly what I wanted from description only and to produce a one of a kind piece.
     Patrick has taken on quite the task of designing from only my thoughts - the most in depth detailed drawing which intertwines my two sons names, birth dates and a special "A" for Alana (since she may not have been mine by birth but she will be a part of me forever).  The final design and idea has really come together to look really bad ass and feminine all at the same time.  I still have additional details to add at a later date to include some color but after a combined 11 hours (two sessions) I need to take a break.
     Now, I was asked several times if I was really sure I wanted to go this big and in this spot on my body because of how sensitive it would be.  I kept saying "I'm a tough chick...I can take the pain...I promise I'll last ".  Wow, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The time alone was tiring let alone how sensitive that tummy area sure is there on the side.  Though, the best part for me was the accomplishment I felt after making it through the entire 7 hr session without quitting.  Patrick assured me that was something to be proud of not only as a female but in general.  That is an extremely long time for the artist and customer to sit in the same position as well as tolerating such intense pain.
     Patrick was great trying to remain appropriate in any sensitive areas, he always made me feel very comfortable.  He was also extremely patient when my nerves were making my legs twitch uncontrollably (I felt like a dog).  Himself and Kevin were very encouraging throughout each session.

     I truly hope that after reading this (if you are thinking about a tattoo) you decide in the very least go visit him in Eastpointe and take a look at some of his other work.  Tell him I sent you and see what kind of design he can come up with for you.  I promise you will not regret it.  I will no longer only stay loyal to only Eternal as a company but to Patrick regardless of where he is.  A tattoo just isn't something you want to go into the closest and cheapest shop who knows what you'll get (literally)!
Patrick Haller

Personal Web Page:  Patrick Haller Art
Facebook: Eternal Ink

**UPDATE - I just want to add that in the two weeks since my last appointment, Kevin (my husband) decided to go visit Patrick as well to get another tattoo.  Patrick of course did a phenomenal job on his tattoo.  He drew this piece up in an hour since Kevin's appointment was kind of random and it looks better than any tattoo he has either!  We are going to go broke going to visit Patrick on a regular schedule regardless of where he is!

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