How to Get Rid of Slugs Gardening Trick

I just wanted to throw out another cool tip I just discovered for gardening:

If you are having issues with slugs of any sort eating away at your fruits, veges, or plants - take a lid, ramiken, or shallow bowl and pour any type of beer inside.  The slugs are attracted to it but it kills them.  This worked in my garden overnight so now I keep a bowl out there always.

*Really awesome trick but kind of gross to go gather up your bowls full of dead slugs, lol.


  1. Great idea!!! Love your blog and all your DIY stuff. Your site is so informative... I WILL be back!!

  2. Thanks for the info, I've never heard of this trick. I had a few in the garden this year but not an overabundance. Unfortunately the garden is just about done with this little cold snap. I canned for the first time ever this year and can't wait to do more next season.

  3. Great advice! any on how to rid gnats?

    1. I am working on a gnat solution as I am having issues with them as well....look for a future post

  4. I do not like slugs. Thanks for information.

  5. I heard of this but never tried it before. Need to get rid of those slime buckets! Thanks!

  6. I had no idea that this was a solution. Of course I agree that you might find it gross to throw out the bowl filled with slugs. But it is worth the results.

  7. That is interesting. I had no idea about this. I will file it away to try later.

  8. Thanks for the tip....I will use this in my garden this year. I am always looking for green ways to keep pest out of the garden.

  9. I for sure am going to have to try this when I plant my garden this year! Thank you for the great trip and I am crossing my fingers it helps! :)


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