BabyGanics’ Cover-Up Baby Face 'n' Body Sunscreen Spray Review and Giveaway

Baby Organic
Baby Organic
     Now, if you know me at all my skin tone is only one of three colors throughout the year - white, whiter than Edward (from Twilight), and flaming red.  Never in my life have I been tan even when I was most active as child/preteen.  Wearing sunscreen or dealing with severe sunburns come as second nature to me.  But when I married Kevin, who is just as pale as me and tans a shade lighter pink, little did I realize I would have to worry about what kind of skin the kids we produced had.  I started to pay more attention to the times of day we were out and how much sunscreen was needed once we had kids.  Thankfully, I was asked to review BabyGanics’ new Cover-Up Baby Face 'n' Body Sunscreen Spray this summer!

     Myself, my husband and my three children are all very active throughout the summer especially poolside.  We use any excuse to spend time outdoors we can find.  We are very fortunate to live very close to my parents who have quite the set up in their backyard.  They have a pool which the kids love and are great for family parties and a hot tub for some relaxing after all day play.  We were lucky enough to be invited on a friend of ours boat this past weekend to spend the day on Lake St. Clair.

     Without even thinking twice, once I got out of the shower the morning of, I coated myself with my normal sunscreen (children's spf 50 water proof).  Kevin of course being the stubborn man he is didn't want to put any of it on when I offered it to him.  Then, as I was getting the kids ready I realized I had forgotten completely about the BabyGanics sunscreen.  So I coated both children head to toe as well with the sunscreen before leaving on the boat.  We spent approximately 6-7 hours in the middle of the lake uncovered on the boat or in the actual water.

     At the end of the day wouldn't you know Kevin was beyond fried, I was pretty charred myself, and neither boys had a single tan line.  They may have gotten some sun and possibly looked a little tanner than the day before but had no definate lines or single bit of pink on either of them.  Declan didn't even have pink ears or a sunburnt head (since he is bald still).

"BabyGanics’ Cover-Up Baby Face & Body Sunscreen Spray protects your child’s delicate skin from UV rays with a light, hypoallergenic, fragrance free formula that absorbs into their skin and dries quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue. BabyGanics’ convenient non-aerosol package with its mineral based and water resistant (up to 80 minutes) formula moisturizes as it protects, providing 50 times (SPF 50+) your child’s natural sun protection against broad spectrum UVA/UVB damaging sun rays. Like all BabyGanics products, this new release is naturally safe and effective, and does not contain any Paba, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthlates, Nano-Particles or Retinly Pamitate."
Cover Up Baby™
Cost: $11.99
Available to purchase:  Cover-Up Baby Face 'n' Body Sunscreen Spray  also available on and
Recommendation:  This has by far been the hottest summer ever here in Michigan and I am so impressed with the quality and results of BabyGanics Sunscreen!  I would definately recommend getting yourself a bottle even if you don't have children.
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Giveaway:  BabyGanics is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a bottle of Cover-Up Baby Face and Body Sunscreen Spray of their own!

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