DrawerDecor by KMN Home Review and Giveaway

     My "thing" has always been organization (especially before having kids).  Diagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), I feel the need to put everything in a specific place in a specific order.  This has always helped me career wise in the restaurants I've worked in.  I am very confident I always ran the most organized and clean kitchens!  This always carried over into my personal life.  I have my DVD's organized by category again before the kids they were alphabetized, my closet is categorized as well, I even have color coded the hangers (weird I know), and my kitchen pantry completely follows all health department guidelines as far as rotation, sanitation, and safety.  So when I discovered the product Drawer Decor by KMN Home, needless to say I was pumped to get my hands on one of their organizers!

     If your anything like me, you have more kitchen utensils than you know what to do with!  I swear I have a decent size kitchen with a lot of cupboard space (even after moving into a smaller house last year).  But no matter how hard everyone tries, the longer you are in a home the more cluttered things seem to get.  With all you seem to accumulate, you end up with less space than expected.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when I spend tons of time organizing the drawers only to have everything shift out of place and look chaotic five minutes later.
     I have always used drawer liners of some sort but they never seem to stay in place so that time is over!  "The DrawerDecor system is a sleek way to custom organize your kitchen drawers with modern style and a splash of color.  No more utensils sliding and banging around inside your drawers."  Because these are made of a smooth silicone they can be cut to fit any drawer or cabinet or tool box (RhinoGripz).  Even though are easily removed they don't move at all once placed in the drawer.  They wipe clean super easy in the drawer or can be soaked in the sink for the really sticky messes. 
     DrawerDecor starter set comes with long, short, and triangle divitz to place around your mat to secure each utensil.  These each come out easily for cleaning as well and since they are not actually sticky taped on they can easily be repositioned time and time again depending on your needs.  This is like an OCD dream come true!  I can organize and organize again and not have to worry about someone messing up my hard work or having to buy a new one.

RhinoGripz - Customizable Tool Drawer Organizer
Cost: $24.99
Available to purchase:  16 pc. Starter Set
Recommendation:  These are awesome!  Maybe a little pricy for the starter set but the price is well worth it because these are going to last forever.  You can find additional accessories such as the divitz or acrylic trays for pretty cheap too once you get used to yours and decide what you like.  I'd like to see more colors offered (especially a pink) since nothing in my kitchen actually matched the offered colors.
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