Is There Really a Cure for Hiccups?? Hicural Review and Giveaway

     Are you one of those people who believes in the old wives tales?  Do you try the preganancy gender tests or the old remedies?  If you are, you might like this next product.  When I was first asked to review Hicural, I was like "Yeah sure this will be one of those reviews that I have to email the company back to tell them it didn't work".  This by the way has only happened once that everyone here doesn't know about since I report the truth regardless.  I don't mind sharing the embarrassing stories with any of you but some of the products we reviewers get asked to check out you just have to say no sometimes.
Hicural stick_HighRes over blue.jpg
      Hicural is one of those I am glad I didn't go with my first gut response.  How annoying is it when you get the hiccups?  It feels like nothing you try works even bending over drinking upside down like a weirdo (yes I do this frequently).  I've tried tons of the old wives tales (there are supposedly over 200,000) and really thats the only one that has worked maybe 50% of the time.

      Hicural is a tool made from a polypropylene compound and is an over the counter tool which provides relief in just a few seconds.  "Simply place the tool in your mouth, bite down, enjoy a nice glass of water and voila!"  Whats great is this is small enough to keep just about anywhere - home, work, backpack, purse.  Its also reusable, just wash it and replace it back in the tube for storage!

     I was also wondering if I would have to wait for ever for someone in my house to get the hiccups to even try this.  The kids get them frequently but I figured since I now had something to try it would be my luck that no one ever got them again!  Thankfully within the last week (only two weeks after receiving them) Kevin had the hiccups and of course he initially refused to try this out for me.  But then after a constant half hour of these annoying things, sure enough he tried it and it worked.  The results were almost instant actually!  Kevin said he thought it was because he was so focussed on drooling on himself that they went away.  Whatever, it still worked in my opinion and I had fun watching him use it.

Cost: $7.99
Available to purchase:  Hicural and Also available at and CVS
Discount Code:  Enter "aluckyladybug" at checkout which gives you an additional $4 off!!!
Recommendation:  I have to say I was quite impressed with how quick this worked!  Its not expensive at all so it would definitely be worth picking up if anyone in your house ever gets the hiccups.  If it doesn't work for you, you won't have wasted any money really.
Facebook: Hicural
Twitter: @stophiccupsnow
YouTube: Hicural
Giveaway:  Hicural is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Hicural Stick of their own!

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  1. I hiccup from my head to my toe hate to get them.

  2. I get hiccups every time I eat a hot soft pretzel, and usually after eating a hard roll. My mom is the same way - we think it has to do with all the dough!

  3. I'd definitely never heard of anything like this until now. It might be worth trying!

  4. I am going to try this. I get hiccups all the time!!! Thanks!

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