A Lucky Ladybug's Super Hero

     So I wanted to share one of those proud moments of my life.  My son almost brought tears to my eyes last night and not from being sad or happy but from laughing so hard.  My husband may not think this is quite as funny as I do but...oh well!  My sister always buys me little ladybug things whenever she comes across them.  The most recent one you will see below is a glow in the dark ladybug mask (which you probably won't catch me in).

I need to introduce Dane "A Lucky Ladybug Super Hero"

He fights crime every where he goes, keeps people being nice, and always remembers to recycle
Need a green friendly tip...just ask him, he's got the answers!  He also speaks baby in case you have a toddler/infant you can't understand.

(I love him so much!!!)

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