Global Garden Friends Ultimate Plant Cage Facebook Giveaway

**Full Review to come shortly**

If you've ever grown tomatoes (even cherry tomatoes) you know how hardy of a plant they are.  But at the same time they can break so easily once the tomatoes begin to grow.  If they don't break they bend and form strange shapes and can look unhealthy.  The same can happen with any type of vine plant such as cucumbers, or beans.  Recently I've discovered a new gardening company -Global Garden Friends and cannot wait to try out their Ultimate Plant Cage!!

Ultimate Plant Cage

"It’s the first-ever FULLY ADJUSTABLE plant cage. The Ultimate Plant Cage’s unique, patented design OPENS up your plants to the sun and lets those nourishing rays penetrate from the fruit to the root. The cage revolves around a stable, durable and 100% recyclable plastic base and six adjustable support poles that direct your plant’s growth but does not stunt it. The poles extend up to 32” – giving your plants plenty of room to grow. "

Right now Global Gardening Friends actually doing a giveaway right now HERE if you want a chance to win one of these but be quick it ends tomorrow!! 

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