Life in General and My Thoughts of Chantel's Journey

I just feel like crying for my best friend right now...I would do anything to take away her pain.  Chantel is the strongest woman I know and I look up to her in more ways than one.  I have the faith that what is happening to her, she can handle with all that strength and the strength that we can all give to her through our thoughts and support.

Chantel did not get the news she so much prayed for in her travels to the hospital in Philly.  Baby's outlook doesn't look promising in the least.  PLEASE pray for her, Steve her husband, and for her unborn baby Alianna Faith Negoshian.  Sometimes there are plans made for us and others that are out of our control.   
Cherish those moments you have with each other and never take them for granted.  Each moment spent being angry, sad, hurt - is another moment of happiness you can never get back.  No career, job or amount of money is EVER worth it.  And any person who makes you feel that way either hasn't realized this themselves or isn't worth your tears to begin with.

I may not be a person of extreme faith but I am a person of extreme passion and love.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I don't want any of you to feel as though some of these post lately are too dramatic or all ranting. But I like them even if they can be a little dramatic because they bring me back to reality.  No one's life is truly perfect and if it seems as though it is they just don't open about their problems.  

As a blogger I've agreed to share those daily thoughts with all of you - not just product reviews and coupon matchups.  I am a very real person and I hope you never lose that faith in me.  I will always be honest with you whether you will agree with my thoughts or not.  

Thank you Alianna for reminding us how important family/friendship is and how unimportant the "other stuff" is!!

You can read Alianna's story HERE


  1. I hope it all gets better from here on. I'll keep your friend and her family in my thought and prayers.


  2. Please join us on the Thrifty thursday linkup! We love hearing from you!

  3. Your friends story is heart-wrenching, and my thoughts and prayers are with her family

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your best friend and what she is going through right now. I hope things begin to look up soon, and she is very lucky to have such a great friend like you.

  5. So sorry to hear! We are still waiting for my cousins baby to awake from his near death drowning accident coma and the pain of a suffering baby is torturous! God never gives us anything he feels we can't overcome! Prayers to the family!!


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