Will I always be this way?? **Rant**

     I am not a pessimist nor an optimist, I think of myself as a realist.  So my question is will I be like this forever?  I am over weight for my height and technically I am considered in the obese category.  Really?  I don't even look that bad?!  So hearing that term thrown at me just depresses me more and actually demotivates me.  Yes a lot of it is my hooha's because of how busty I am but honestly look at most of us bloggers.   We are your average everyday women, housewives, and mothers.  We are not models and even those who are thinner than some of us, you still choose to dedicate majority of your time to blogging, which is what you love. We love talking and sharing our opinions with the world.  

     So in essence my reasoning for this post is - Am I destined to be this size?  For those of you who have been doing this for years, how do you find the time to workout or realistically do anything in your life other than blog?   I love what I do more than anything else I've ever done before and stuck with it longer than most of my other long term jobs.  I've been an engineer making crap loads of money and I've been a restaurant manager still making great money and loving my job even more but nothing has ever quite fit me like blogging does.   So how do u make it work for yourself and then of course your family?   I try to divide my time between my family, myself and my passions and yet I still feel frustrated.  

     I'm not working out or active like others my age or size for that matter.  Although I spend tons of time with my kids being active, I feel like I still don't do enough with them.  I am beyond open about my faults yet I can't seem to fix them as fast as id like.  I aim to be an amazing wife who pleases her husband in more ways than one and yet j feel like I don't do enough for him either......But then I reread through this post and feel like I should realize I do more than most others.  

How do you do it all???  Really???  I'd love to hear from other bloggers and SAHM.

*Sorry I just had to get that rant off my chest!

**I had to update this with a link to another bloggers post (one of whom I consider to be a friend) her post when you have a moment as well.  "I want your honest opinions though: Do you read a blog because it is real, or because it's always happy? Do you like it when you can identify with the blogger or no? "

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  1. No one does it "all" so get that silly notion right out of your head. You've met me, you know what I look like. Do I like being pudgy? No. I don't want to be super skinny or lose my curves, but this isn't ok either. I do more than most people, yet not as much as others. It's a little different for me because right now my blog is my hobby, so i make it fit where I can. I'm not making any money off of it, so I refuse to let it get in the way of what I need to, or want to, be doing. I know that isn't so much the case for you. I think the trick is to learn to be happy with you right now, in this season of life, and realize that it's not going to last forever. The kids will get bigger and start school, you'll have more free time. You'll be able to work out more, spend more time on you if that's what you want. Or, get mad about how things are now and figure out a way to change them! Get up super early and work out if that's important to you. Limit the time you spend on your blog to naptimes and after the kids are in bed (I know you probably can't do that, but it's still something to think about). Give yourself "work hours" to get stuff done and don't get on the computer if you can help it after those hours. You're a lot more successful than I am, but these are some of the things that I do to make my day work. I start at 5 am and don't end until 10 or 11. I just simply make it work :) I have every faith that you will work it out!


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